Deadmau5 and Blackgummy Take Over Output

There are some events that one just can’t help but count the days, minutes and seconds until they happen. 

NYC had the privilege to experience a one of a kind event, where the best sounds of electronic collided to bring fans a night of pure ecstasy. Deadmau5, Black Gummy and other geniuses on the incredible mau5trap label delighted music lovers with tunes that will never leave our hearts.

Euphoria spread around town when word was out that the one and only Deadmau5 was coming back to please fans with 4 days of shows at Hammerstein Ballroom, in Manhattan. What we were not aware of, is that with him, would come the greatest of his label to give Brooklyn a night for the books.

Deadmau5 has transcended the electronic music genre, and is now a name and icon recognized all over the world. This level of fame, of course, has been well earned. His innovative sounds, ideas and ambition for the genre has gained him 6 Grammy awards and gained the hearts of electronic music fanatics.

Not only is he known for creating unique ground-moving sounds and tunes, but also for the parties he throws down. Although words cannot possibly describe the feeling obtained by the environment he’s able to create with his skills, I will try to do my best.

Output, temple of music in Brooklyn, hosted these incredible artists Friday night. Many headed to Output straight from Hammerstein Ballroom, because why only have one Deadmau5 performance when they could have two. I always get weary of big names coming to a place like Output, even though it is a place that can hold hundreds, the place still runs short. Being packed like sardines and able to feel other’s breath and sweat is not the most fun. This night, however, I was extremely surprised to have encountered one of the best crowds I have seen at Output. Although the place was crowded, people knew how to handle themselves. Yes, there were occasional drunks and trouble-makers, but for the majority, everyone was there to ensure having a good time in peace with everyone else. There was no pushing, no aggressiveness, but politeness. Strangers interacted with each other, by sharing a smile, a dance-off and shouting to express the happiness words could not convey.

The menu of the night offered a delicious appetizer No Mana, followed by the tastiest set brought to you by Deadmau5, that combined with a sprinkle of Feed Me created the most delicious musical platter. To continue the delightfulness, Attlas combined forces with Feed Me for a few minutes, creating a great transition for his hour long set. Then, for the best dessert was Blackgummy was up, because who doesn’t like a gummy to finish off the night.

There are some nights that I just look back to and wish I could relive them over and over. The way the sets were crafted were just mind blowing. Of course, Deadmau5 has had the experience to be able to craft an amazing set in his sleep by now. He played some of his most famous such as “Ghosts n Stuff” as well as paid homage to others of his label and genre.  I feel particularly lucky to have been able to attend this specific night because, apparently, it has been one of the best sets he has performed in his career (judged my true fans). A DJ like Deadmau5 can only have impeccable taste, which is why his label mau5trap have excellent, top-notch quality. Blackgummy may not have the fame that others of this label have, such as Deadmau5, of course, or Feed Me. However, this guy did not fall short. I had heard of Blackgummy but were not familiar with his sets and boy, did he blow my mind away.

2013 was the year were the incredible Blackgummy project came to life and only 2 years later, he was welcomed as part of the mau5trap family. When one looks back to first releases, and compare them to ones produced years later, one can sometimes find that the earlier productions were not as good, since the artists were just getting to know their sounds, industry, etc. Blackgummy had his first song “Lullaby” released under the “We Are Friends Vol.4” EP, a collection of songs by artists signed under mau5trap. Saying that this is a good song is a complete understatement. The way Blackgummy navigated the production of this song is just flawless. It does not feel repetitive, it is absolutely original, and jar opening.

You know when a platter, a taste, is just so good it makes you want to close your eyes and completely submerge into what you’re experiencing? This is the feeling I, and I’m sure many members of the audience experienced from 11PM to 5AM. As a person who attends shows regularly  and has had the luck to have seen some of the best of the industry, I can hands down say this was one of the best line ups and nights I have experienced. The way each artist transitioned from song to song, the way the controlled the drops, the selection of songs, every aspect that needed for an A-plus night was present with this team of geniuses.

If you like Deadmau5, do yourself a favor and check out this roster of artists. Mau5trap for the win.

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