First Look: New York International Auto Show 2017 [Video]

Check out our first look at the New York International Auto Show (NYIAS) video, in which we go inside all the best new releases for the North American market!

With Auto Shanghai just around the corner, it’s New York’s time to shine with the annual New York International Auto Show. We made our way over to the show a few days before the public opening to catch the newest autos coming to the North American market. What’s topping the list in terms of cool-factor?

  • Toyota FT-4X: Designed by Toyota’s CALTY team (they did the FJ-Cruiser) offer this four-door crossover that looks as functional as could be. One prime example: The rear hatch is a modern engineering marvel. Called Multi-Hatch, it opens two ways: horizontally in Urban Mode, and vertically in Outdoor Mode. Urban Mode splits the hatch in half and makes for easier curbside gear loading when clearance is limited. Outdoor Mode opens the one-piece hatch upward, creating an impromptu shelter from the elements.
  • Hyundai Ioniq: It took car companies long enough to get the idea. Small car + hybrid engine= huge gains in fuel efficiency. The small but comfortable Hyundai is arriving in three variants: Hybrid, Electric, and a Plug-in Hybrid. The trifecta comes in a tasteful design and dynamic driving modes.
  • Audi S5 Sportback: Audi finally brings the 5-door A5 to the American shores in nothing less than its more impressive version: the S5. Offerings a lot of horsepower, an updated design, and five-doors, it looks like the BMW 6 series finally has some competition and now, to wait and see what Mercedes might cook up…
  • Mercedes-AMG GT Concept: The elegant and graceful four-door coupe is due to inform the design of the coming AMG lineup, and we’re thrilled. The sleek design could easily be developed into a CLS follow-up, and features a low roofline and an unmistakable essence that only Mercedes can have

Check out our first look video at everything awesome and interesting at the New York International Auto show!

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