Budweiser Releases Repeal Reserve in Celebration of the Repeal of the Prohibition

Budweiser celebrated the new launch  in style at none other than at the Classic Car Club Manhattan on Wednesday, October 25th.

The recipe for Repeal Reserve was first created in the pre-Prohibition era when Adolphus Busch tried out the Amber Lager amongst his family and friends. When the Prohibition began in 1920, it prevented the experiential brew from making it out of St. Louis.

Budweiser is now bringing the recipe to the masses by launching it for a limited time nationwide. The brand took each detail into account, creating a new retro stubby bottle to match the new brew.

The caramel malt lager has a slightly higher ABV than the traditional Budweiser, with it being 6.1% vs. the normal 5%. It wasn’t standard practice to mark the alcohol content in a brew till the Repeal passed on December 5, 1933. This measure was passed in attempts to standardize and regulate the beer industry.  

Guests sipped the new brew while marveling at the rare array of vintage Porsches that were on display. Budweiser collaborated with Lyft to commemorate the occasion by offering lucky New Yorkers the chance to experience their Lyft ride in an antique, vintage car. The contest was held for a limited time on Wednesday, October 25th from 3-7PM.

Did you get a chance to try the new 1933 Repeal Reserve? Share your reviews on the new recipe in the comments below.

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