Pair of Thieves Holds Basic Britches SS18 Preview

Known for its colorful, high performance socks, Pair of Thieves held its SS18 Preview in Soho  early last week, on October 24th.

We spoke to founder Alan Stuart to learn more about the upcoming SS18 Collection.

The Knockturnal: How did Pair of Thieves start?

Alan Stuart: We started about five years ago. We launched with Target first, now we’re in Macy’s, Urban Outfitters, Selfridges, and Opening Ceremony. We do mass market but we also have the boutique exclusive collections. We do everything with a sneaky performance built; high performance features underneath cool patterns, designs, and colors.

We started with socks and then went into men’s underwear and now that’s our hero product. We say that it’s like air conditioning for your junk.

The Knockturnal: How did glamping become your inspiration?

Alan Stuart: We wanted to do a cozy, cabin sock. We also wanted to give women something special that men didn’t have. We don’t have a men’s glamping collection or men’s cashmere. Women get the softest cashmeres. We launched our first cashmere collection with Jenni Kayne last year. That was rad because she’s an amazing designer. It was such a small exclusive collection, we numbered each one by hand.

The Knockturnal: What inspired the Blackout + Whiteout Collection?

Alan Stuart: The Blackout + Whiteout Collection is a cool story. This is as basic as it comes, everyone has has had black and white socks since day one. We wanted to build a better one and added a give back. We heard that in homeless shelters, socks were the most requested, least donated item. For each pack that’s bought, three pairs are donated to those in need.This year we are on par to donate over a million pair of socks bi-coastal.

To be able to do sales at Target, crush it, and then do tiny little collections with Jenny Cane or Opening Ceremony has been amazing.

The Knockturnal: What are you most excited for in the new SS18 line?

Alan Stuart: I’m super excited for the women’s underwear and intimates line. We have about 50-60% women in our office and they’ve been so pissed that they don’t have their own underwear. So Deanna, our Director of Product Development & Production, worked so hard on launching the collection. There will be two silhouettes in the bras and four silhouettes in the underwear, all in two different fabrics. The bras are double lined and reversible so you get a solid and a print in one.

The Knockturnal: What is the Barbie display for?

Alan Stuart: We’re looking at a sneak peak of Barbie & Ken modeling our underwear for SS18. They’re all wearing the little patterns and colors from the upcoming line.

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