On The Scene: Artexpo NYC 2017

Artexpo was full of fun, energy and an immense amount of art.

I was able to stop by at Artexpo on Saturday and it was like I was a kid walking into a candy store. Pier 94 is a huge venue and it held thousands of people for the show. The set venue was set up in a way that held gallery art in one section and solo art and photography in another. Most of the art was hung up on installed walls that created a sort of maze effect in the venue. At every possible corner, there was a new work of art waiting to be discovered.

Many of the artists were present next to their work and were willing to answer any questions that the visitors had about their art. A majority of the people there, whether an artist or a gallery representative, were very nice and welcomed guests to stick around and learn some more about the processes and procedures utilized to create the art. There was even some live painting going on at the SOLO booths, and everyone was welcome to come and watch. I walked around the venue for about an hour and got to catch a glimpse of all the art present and most of their prices. Surprisingly, a lot of the pieces were already sold by the second day of the expo. I had an amazing time and cannot wait to see what’s in store for next year.

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