Baileys Almande and Tia Mowry Host Fun Workout Class

What a fun and exciting class hosted by Baileys Almande and Tia Mowry at The Tracy Anderson Method in Los Angeles, CA.

The Tracy Anderson method is a revolutionary workout class that combines muscular structure work and dance cardio. The studio is intimate but perfect for what it’s designed to do.  Immediately you notice the studios’ temperature, it’s HOT, but by design. At the Tracy Anderson Method you will sweat. There are heaters and humidifiers along the walls (think of walking into one large sauna). The heat helps with detoxing, keeping your muscles warm, and skin tightening.

The class was lead by a fitness instructor who broke down each dance combination move-by-move. During the session we danced to 5-7 songs continuously making for a workout that lasted about 45 minutes.

After the workout being treated with the new Baileys Almande specialty smoothie was nothing short of refreshing. This new vegan, gluten, and dairy free almond milk liqueur is delicious and perfect for those who opt for a healthier liqueur. The liqueur is creamy, smooth, with a slight burn in the end with almond prevalent in taste. What a great drink and an overall experience. I highly recommend anyone who is looking to tone and create a lean body structure to take the Tracy Anderson workout class.

-Trivinski Taylor

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