MISSIO Is The Band You’re About to Hear Everywhere

Up and coming alternative band MISSIO recently headlined a show at the Gramercy Theater as part of Sirius XM radio’s Alt Nation show, and, their debut album drops on May 19th.  In honor of this, may I present the many ways you may find yourself accessing MISSIO:

If you’re a Barry’s Bootcamp instructor

Take note:  MISSIO will probably find a way onto your playlist.

If you’re angry:  

“Middle Fingers” is your new anthem.

If you’re a film editor:

“Bottom of the Deep Blue Sea” is 100% trailer material.  Get on it.

If you’re into Star Wars:

Check out MISSIO’s “KDV” which stands for Killing Darth Vader.  And they do it with a kick drum.  True story.

If you want to look like the band:  

No worries here.  They all wear the same thing:  Hoodie and backwards cap.  Grow some facial hair, wear that and you’ll fit right in.

If you’re a fan of Lana Del Rey:

You’re in luck:  MISSIO has covered her classic “West Coast.”

If you’re none of these things:

Hang tight.  If the first four songs released are any indication, MISSIO has enough variety for everyone.


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