Eight Korean BBQ is a Delicious and Distinctive Singapore to SoCal Gem

You can’t call yourself an LA resident until you have a favorite Korean BBQ place. Go ahead, ask your friends their favorite and watch an unholy fight break out. It’s worth it.

Eight Korean BBQ in K-Town is the tops for me because I love variety, dahling. It’s the only restaurant in SoCal that serves 8 unique flavors of Mangalitza marinated pork belly – Wine, Original, Ginseng, Garlic, Herb, Curry, Miso Paste and Red Pepper Paste.

I felt at home as soon as I walked in. The dining area looks approachably high end, with darker, moodier hues, well-defined and designed spaces, and inset tv screens.

This is a place I’d ideally take an intimate group of friends or close work colleagues. That said, I’d take anyone just for the chance to try this pork again.

The cuts are generous here, and each is cooked on the griddle with kimchi and bean sprouts. The meat is presented on a long, wooden platter, with engravings to let you know which is which.

They also cook the meat for you, which is perfect for a non-stop texter like me. I’m liable to burn the place down if you leave the cooking in my hands.

Wine was a highlight. This was tender and light, with a hint of sweetness that I’ve honestly never tasted in all my years of meat eating. The taste somehow changed my perception of the texture – I remember this one being more tender than the others. It’s divine.

Herb knocked me out of my very sturdy seat. It was the boldest, with powerful, punchy flavor bursting from every bite.

I love that the seven other marinades are elegant and rich because they contrast with herb’s relatively strong flavors. The Eight BBQ website notes that ‘natural herbs alleviate stress and depression.’

10/10 can confirm.

I’m certain Miso Paste is a huge hit because it was the damn-near universal favorite at my table. This was savoryyyy and succulent, with a heartiness that felt great on a chilly day in LA.

Gotta comment on the good as hell seafood soup I ate all to myself, and the kimchi fried rice we had near the end of the meal. Both were a joy to the senses, aromatic and tasty.

Shoutout to Daniel and the rest of the Eight Korean BBQ staff for an excellent evening. The service was impeccable, personable and enhanced the meal at every turn.

Eight Korean BBQ has two SoCal locations – KTown and Buena Park, and two more in Singapore. I’d recommend reservations during peak hours.

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