Christian Siriano Releases Second Book ‘Dresses to Dream About’

Christian Siriano released his second book on Wednesday, November 8 in Flatiron’s Rizzoli Bookstore. Dresses to Dream About explores Siriano’s design process from beginning to end, allowing his fans to see his pieces up close from sketches to beautiful, finished gowns.

Friends and family came out to celebrate the launch including Drew Barrymore, Christina Hendricks, Coco Rocha, and Brad Walsh. Guests mingled while sipping on Modern Greyhound and Classic Martini, Belvedere Vodka cocktails that were made exclusively for the event.

We got the chance to speak to the renowned designer, check out the interview below.

The Knockturnal: What inspired you to write a second book?

Christian Siriano: It’s a retrospective of my work over the last ten years. I wanted people to see my work from the beginning to the end; to see the pieces that got overlooked in the beginning; to see what goes into to the clothes all in one place.

The Knockturnal: There’s so much going on in the world at the moment. How do you stay focused?

Christian Siriano: I have a lot of dream things I want to do and I try to make those happen. I guess that’s how I focus on them. Having a book of all my work or work that I love was very important to me. If I love it and I’m passionate about it, I try to make it work.

The Knockturnal: Have currents events impacted your work?

Christian Siriano: Yes, that’s why my book is called Dresses to Dream About because I want people to open this book and escape the world. Have a minute, look at beautiful clothes and feel great about them. That’s very important-escapism.

The Knockturnal: What other exciting projects are you working on?

Christian Siriano: A million things. We’re getting ready to open another store in February. My ten year fashion show is happening as well. I’m excited.

The Knockturnal: You’ve done so much. What’s still a dream project?

Christian Siriano: I want to do more for film. I just did costume for a film Julianne Moore is in. I did some pieces for a film Patricia Field is doing with Jennifer Lopez, that was really great. I want to do something bigger. That will be in the works one day.

The Knockturnal: What’s your favorite part of the book?

Christian Siriano: The stories, just the little anecdotes about my mom and sister.

The Knockturnal: Where do you get inspiration?

Christian Siriano: Everywhere. Honestly I find inspiration in the most random places: art, culture, the women I am dressing- that’s a big part of it.

Event photos: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

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