On The Scene: Dos Equis Celebrates 120th anniversary

A little drizzle did not stop Dos Equis from throwing an epic 5 de Mayo party this past Thursday, because it’s never too early to start celebrating!

“Mercado XX,” Dos Equis’ 5 de Mayo party brought many together to celebrate this flavorful Mexican festivity at Pearl River Mart in Soho. Dos Equis turned this place inside and out to create an incredibly decorated space, providing guests with an authentic Mexican street market feel. Starting at 7:30 PM, guests were greeted by a woman on a beautiful Mexican costume dress and some refreshing Dos Equis beer. As one turned from the small pathway, the party unraveled in front of our eyes. The very big venue was filled with different stands where attendees could take pictures, sit with friends, order some yummy drinks such as micheladas, and margaritas (except all with the main ingredient, Dos Equis), get some tacos, or ice cream! If this was not enough, as one made their way to the back, there was a stage where performers would show their skills, as well as a DJ booth and some space for those who wanted to show off their moves.

It did not take long for the place to fill up, however it was never too crowded. Guests walked around from booth to booth with smiles on their faces as they appreciated the music, the food, and the incredible vibe. Even the trip to the bathroom was nice, as one had to go down the stairs where a wall fountain with a “Mercado XX” logo was located.

Ladies dressed in beautiful floral dresses handed out flowers and tall men with lucha libre masks walked around the venue as spanish music was mixed by the DJ. It was a personal joy hearing all of these old and new reggeaton songs that I used to hear back in South America being played back to back in NY, something that is unusual in NYC. The music was stopped at one point in order for an extremely talented all female mariachi group to take over the stage. Many gathered around to listen to their incredible voices as they reminisced with latin songs many have heard as kids.

In order to celebrate 120 years of tasty, refreshing beer, Dos Equis had a very special appearance from The Most Interesting Man in the world, whom has just made another appearance in Dos Equis’ latest commercial.

The joy could be felt at every second as attendees socialized, danced, sang, drank, and ate. All elements were present for a successful night to take place. But why stop there? Of course, Dos Equis had to bring their full game on, which is why they invited DJ Questlove to spice up this party and bring it to a whole other level. This king of hip-hop mixes stole the audience’s hearts, as he played tunes that brought everyone to sing their hearts out shake their booties. As the hour of his set unraveled, the place began to feel less and less crowded. By the time 10:30 hit the clock, many had left but many were still left standing wishing this incredible event would not have to come to an end.

Happy anniversary and thank you, Dos Equis, for spicing up our Thursday with an incredible atmosphere, talented guests, and of course the best beverages.

Check out the new and absolutely fun commercial:

 WIN A TRIP TO THE BREWERY: Everyday leading up to Cinco de Mayo, Dos Equis is ensuring fans nationwide have a spicy celebration by offering the chance to win daily prizes and a grand prize trip to Mexico, including an exclusive tour of the Dos Equis Brewery.

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