Sarah Michelle Gellar And Swiffer Pair Up To Tackle Messes

No mess is strong enough for this duo

On Wednesday, February 3, Swiffer and actress Sarah Michelle Gellar came together at Maman Bakery to celebrate life’s tough messes.  With “Yes to the Mess,” they encouraged people to embrace life’s little messes.  And at this event, there were a bunch of ‘messy’ activities that kids could partake in like art projects and baking.  Sarah and Swiffer both encourage these messes because life is messy and these messes encourage a kid’s creativity.  And paired with Swiffer, these messes can be cleaned up in minutes.


Q:  Can you first start off with what it’s like for you to be at this event and represent Swiffer?

A:  I think it’s special.  I think a company like Swiffer can just rest on their laurels.  We all know that they have the best products but I think to take it and try to educate their audience and to give them those precious moments and experiences, I think it’s very special for a company like that to take the time.  And I was really honored that they asked me to join them in promoting this.

Q:  Looking around this event you see all these energetic kids having fun.  Is there any memory you have with your kids where there was a mess that was just so big you were afraid to try and clean it up?

A:  You’re not a parent if you’re not cleaning up messes.  Life is messy and the best moments in life come from those messes.

Q:  Can you talk about how you’re using your own personal experiences as parent and translating it to representing this brand at this event?

A:  I truly believe that creativity is the road to invention.  Life is messy and from messy comes innovation.  And that’s how kids learn and that is extremely important to foster that and encourage that.

Q:  And moving towards you on Cartoon Network’s Star Wars.  Can you talk about the show and what your experience has been like for it?

A:  It’s been great.  I mean to be able to be a part of Star Wars and to have a character that is now a ride in DisneyLand is pretty crazy.  And everyone always says that once you’re a part of the “Star Wars” family you’re a family for life and it really does feel like that.

Q:  Did you see the new “Star Wars” movie?

A:  I did.  I thought it was great.

Q:  Did you have a favorite part from it?

A:  Yes.  I don’t know why but I love it when C3PO comes out and is like ‘you might not recognize me because of my red armor.’  I don’t know why it was just so endearing.

Q:  Would you ever want to be a part of the actual movies going forward?

A:  I want to watch the movies from the comfort of my movie theater.  I don’t want to be out in the desert fighting those things. I will watch and enjoy,  I know how hard it is to make that.

Q:  Can you talk about what’s coming up next for you?

A:  Right now my life is dedicated to Foodstirs.  And that’s my passion.  And creating the best products in the marketplace that we can is a fulltime job right now.  So that’s been my main focus.

Q:  Can you talk about your experience with Foodstirs and help foster children’s creativity with it?

A:  I think that what’s scary is most exciting.  I saw an opportunity to create something and do something different and I think that a creative person, it is not said how your creativity has to be expressed, and it has been an incredible journey to have a business and it is something I have never experienced before. And the ups and downs with that and my children getting to watch me try something else and my successes and failures, I think it’s really important.

Q:  And can you talk about the great reception you have been getting from it and what it means to you?

A:  It means everything.  When someone sends me a picture of their niece or nephew and someone doing the kit and they are so proud of how it came out.  It’s all about creating a memorable experiences in the kitchen.

Q: Are your kids master chefs?

A: They are impressive in the kitchen between my husband’s cookbook and Foodstirs, they’re good!




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