Sabrina Carpenter, RJ Cyler and Entire Cast Celebrate at the Red Carpet Premiere of EMERGENCY

KKD Dávila, from left, Carey Williams, Sebastian Chacon, Summer Madison, Sabrina Carpenter, RJ Cyler, Gillian Rabin, Donald Elise Watkins, Diego Abraham, Maddie Nichols attend Amazon Studios "Emergency" Los Angeles Premiere on Thursday, May 12, 2022.

Amazon Studios brings you a new, satirical thriller, EMERGENCY.

The dark comedy set to hit select theaters on May 20 and on Amazon Prime Video on May 27 tells the story of two straight-A college best friends who are preparing for the most legendary party night in their college careers, only it may end up being legendary for all the wrong reasons. Kunle [Donald Elise Watkins] and Sean [RJ Cyler] set out to make “The Hall of Firsts” as the first Black students to complete their school’s frat party “Legendary Tour.” Just as things are about to get wild, they are faced with a dilemma when they find an unconscious white girl passed out on their living room floor. Immediately turning to panic mode, they worry that police will suspect them of wrongdoing so they decide to take matters into their own hands. The film directed by Carey Williams also stars Sabrina Carpenter and Sebastian Chacon.

The cast and crew of Amazon Studios “Emergency” Los Angeles Premiere on Thursday, May 12, 2022.

On Thursday, May 12 the entire cast and crew came out to celebrate the red-carpet premiere and screening of EMERGENCY at the Director’s Guild of America in Los Angeles, California. Some of your favorite influencers strutted the red carpet that was hosted by content creator and social media favorite, Elsa Majimbo. While audiences will undoubtedly be able to catch the humor in the film, film director Carey Williams hopes viewers also takeaway a deeper message. “I’m going to talk about young men of color specifically; I hope that they take away that it’s important to be open and emotionally vulnerable with your friends and tell them how you feel. Don’t hold that inside because it’s actually detrimental to hold those things inside for yourself and for your relationships,” Williams expressed.

Following the screening, Prime Video hosted an immersive audiovisual after party experience at Lighthouse Los Angeles. Guests were able to partake in a recreation of the “Legendary Tour” featured in the film with a night of visual storytelling, av remixes, 3D rendering, live performances, photo booths and so much more. Attendees enjoyed four party rooms including “Black Out,” “Green Room,” “Equinox,” and “Underground,” tasted delicious bites, had professional portraits taken by Black owned Preme Magazine and cheered along to special performances by choreographer Giannini Semedo Moreira.  After an exciting and eventful evening, party goers also were gifted gift bags with custom tees designed by Erwin Hines amongst other goodies.

Emergency hits theaters on May 20 and on Amazon Prime Video on May 27.

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