Residente Teams Up With JR For ‘Guerra’ Project

Joglar continues to add installments to his project, including a short documentary that hones in on the Syrian Refugee experience.

Residente’s ‘Guerra’ project aims to promote world peace and raise awareness about victims of violence around the world. The project was launched this year through his self-directed music video for his Grammy-nominated track ‘Guerra’.

The documentary hones in on the refugee crisis. Residente tracks his journey to the Syrian border where he comes across war victims that have fled Syria to seek refuge. These people have been forced to settle in refugee camps and the Beqaa valley. The project follows the story of over 600 Syrian refugees who have been forced out of their comfort zones and into a new life of servitude. Residente puts these communities and their living conditions under a magnifying glass. He interviews the refugees, visits their homes, partakes in their celebrations and joins them at work. In his return to New York, Residente partners with JR, French visual artist, and photographer, to create street art that aims to examine the refugee experience.

The installation is located at ‘The Bushwick Collective’ (located at 225 Starr street), an outdoor gallery that showcases many artists from around the world. The Installation features an image taken by Alejandro Pedrosa at the refugee camp, installed by JR in his recognizable style.

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