Theater Review: ‘Pressing Matters’

Nothing screams life like struggle, love, and laughter.

Pressing Matters written by Jennifer Jaspers, is the newest off-Broadway play to hit the theaters of New York City.

The play gives the audience 6 short stories of the many pitfalls and uphill battles of time, with the right amount of ironic laughter.

Each story transports you through all the different stages of life and death, within a unique 3rd person perspective. As each story passes through the ephemeral moments that life is comprised of, the audience is left relating to the depth of the characters and the sincerity and realism of each scene.

“[Jennifer Jaspers] ability to capture huge themes with such efficiency, intelligence and wit is very interesting to watch” says Mary J. Davis of MLB Productions.

The actors portray such real emotion while on-set; it will leave the audience entranced in joy, in sadness, and in awe.

As each of the characters passes through the many phases of existence and being, you feel yourself experiencing life in real time. You feel their pain and agony, while also feeling each of their victories and triumphs.

Nothing has ever been more in tune with real life and its many struggles. Yet nothing has portrayed the joy and laughter that is so indicative of living and its unceasing displays of irony.

Pressing Matters is a play that will leave its audience feeling as though they are watching the many colorful and wondrous moments of their own lives.

Playing Schedule: Tuesday at 7PM; Wednesday – Saturday at 8PM; Saturday matinee at 2PM; Sunday at 3PM

Theatre Row’s Clurman Theatre is located at 410 West 42nd Street

Tickets are $49 and can be purchased by visiting or calling 212-239-6200.

For more information, please visit,

It runs through May 20, 2017.

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Theater Review: ‘Pressing Matters’

Nothing screams life like struggle, love, and laughter.
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