ON THE SCENE: New York International Auto Show Party at Cadillac House

As the annual New York International Auto Show kicks off, the geniuses at Cadillac House host the best party of the week.

We’ve been to Cadillac House a few times now, and the bottom line is this: it’s always different. You might wonder how that can be. Cadillac is… cars, and so Cadillac and the annual New York International Auto Show just makes sense. But we’re usually at Cadillac House for fashion or arts. So it was finally a chance for Cadillac to flex their muscle during their week and they did not disappoint. Cadillac House was absolutely the place to be on Wednesday night, with many of us coming off countless press conferences and car premiers at the show not far uptown. The crowd was livelier than ever in the packed space, with guests hobnobbing around stunning and rare concepts such as the 2002 Cien concept (dramatically illuminated in orange) along with a 1959 Cyclone Cadillac done in purple and blue shifting colors. It’s space-age design was sufficiently innovative and accented the eclectic crowd perfectly- guests included Mia Kang, Sports Illustrated model, Lisa Ramos (model, TV personality), Curtis Kulig (artist), Jonathan Mannion (photographer), Jordan Andrews (model), Pritika Swarup (model) and many more. It was the perfect intersection between automotive journalists and the top talent in nearly every creative field- offering a one-of-a-kind atmosphere that only Cadillac House could make happen.

Dylan the Gypsy spun a dynamic and, frankly, badass mix (“Glick Boy Sh*t” is now our sh*t.) as the crowd warmed up to poured champagne and some exciting hors d’oeuvres, like the classic sliders as well as mini doughnuts and even risotto. Perhaps most unbelievable was the 20×24 Polaroid photo activation featuring the last remaining 20-inch-by-24-inch Polaroid (one of only five originally made). These jumbo polaroids totally justified the drama in front of the camera, where models posed their best next to the Cien concept car. Behind a wall, some fabulous Mad Men era art works depicted sleek men and their sleeker Cadillacs.

It was an evening full of excitement and avant-garde beauty, from the cars to the polaroids (also floating around as the impossible project, we snapped a few shots of our favorite looks at the party, too.)

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