Film Review: ‘True to the Game’

Based on the original best seller by Terri Woods, “True to the Game” encapsulated viewers in a special movie screening of the newest film adaptation at the SoHo House in New York City.

With a heavy-hitting cast, True to the Game is the story of romance, drugs, and the heart of Philadelphia. Quadir Richards (Columbus Short) struggles to find the balance between love and hustle when it comes to Gena Rollins (Erica Peeples), a college student brought up in the streets of Philadelphia

As the love story between Quadir and Gena unfolds, it becomes harder and harder to protect their love and themselves from the dangers that comes from a life in the game. The question is whether or not love can protect them.

For a cast of such well-known acclaim, the dialogue throughout the movie left much to be desired. With such talents as Vivica Fox and Andra Fuller, the writing and storyline had many holes as to where the plot was taking you. Yet, True to the Game was a constant surprise from beginning to end.

Columbus Short’s portrayal of the young drug lord on his way to “street” stardom seemed designed around Short’s suave ambiance, and almost devilish charm. Together, Peeple’s and Short’s love connection was palpable throughout the entirety of the movie.

True to the Game will leave the audience wondering whether love can withstand the streets. Look for this best-selling book adaptation in theaters Sept. 8.


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