Exclusive: A Chat with Critter Fixer’s Stars at ABFF

Dr. Vernard Hodges and Dr. Terrance Ferguson are not just Critter Fixers, they are Critics Choice Award
winners! The two Georgia natives won the Critics Choice Award for best animal/nature show on

With three successful seasons, the show shadows two longtime friends operating a veterinary
hospital in rural Georgia. These two country veterinarians care for an substantial amount of animals
while simultaneously educating the youth. The education they provide allows students to become
more knowledgeable about a career path that is not often discussed. Their education is changing the
game for the veterinarian world and this is only the beginning.

Knockturnal had the opportunity to interview the duo during the American Black Film Festival. Dr.
Hudges and Dr. Ferguson shared the difficulties of being a part of the 2% of African American
veterinarians in the entire United States. As they continued to persevere through the challenges, both
doctors remained committed to their purposes.

Critter Fixer Vets

Despite their success, one key component that stood out about the doctors was their authenticity and
ability to stay true to their core values. Whether the cameras were rolling or not, they remained
authentic to their unique individual selves.

During our dinner with the doctors, we were given a haste lesson on how to properly eat oysters from
Dr. Hodges. He advised, “The East Coast oysters have more saline and the West Coast oysters are a bit
sweeter.” He went on to display to the crew of Knockturnal how to consume the oysters the correct

With all of the laughs and great conversations that were shared throughout the night, it was evident
that these veterinarians will continue to touch the lives of many minority children.

Critter Fixers is now streaming on Disney+.

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