Director Jacob Bernstein Talks ‘Everything is Copy’

A film about the great Nora Ephrom

Nora Ephron, has been one of Hollywood’s most successful writer-directors to date making some of the most iconic films such as ‘Heartburn,’ ‘Silkwood,’ and ‘When Harry Met Sally.’  Throughout her life she has shown her knack for honest and intelligent humor.  ‘Everything is Copy‘ is a film inspired by Nora’s life and all the things she has done. Written and directed by her son, Jacob Bernstein, ‘Everything is Copy’ is a film that tells the whole story of one of the most influential people in entertainment history.

The film celebrated its New York premiere at MoMA. When asked if he learned anything new about his mother while making the film Jacob shared:

What was surprising was the number of people she wrote about and got away with it.  It was remarkable.  Looking at her first husband, Dan Greenberg, and Dorothy Schiff, and my father, and Clay Felker, and all of these people that she encountered in one point or another who either fell short or got in the wrong place at the wrong time.  I think that now would be much, much harder to do that and so that was surprising.  Certainly I didn’t have the view of her parents that I have now.  I sort of saw what her mother said about ‘Everything is Copy’ and sort of the thing that my mother believed in.  It didn’t really occur to me until late in the movie that her mother kind of lied about ‘Everything is Copy.’  It was sort of a shtick.  And yet she never wrote about this husband that was cheating on her and was incredibly disappointing and what it was like to be around during American communism.  She didn’t really grapple with the deeper questions but instead became an alcoholic.  Which you could argue why that happened, I don’t have the answer, but certainly I think that she missed certain opportunities that my mother managed not to.  My mother was very good at taking the hand that she was dealt with and making the most of it.

The doc will air on March 21 at 9pm, only on HBO.

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