Exclusive: Comedian Carl Barron Discusses His New Comedy Tour

His comedy tour is coming to a city near you….if you’re up to travel to New York and California!

Carl Barron is Australia’s #1 comedian and rated by Ticketmaster the third most popular comedian in the world. He spoke with us about his upcoming tour titled “Drinking With A Fork.”

How are you feeling about performing at the SohoPlayhouse in New York City?

I always think the same thing about any show: ‘I hope they laugh.’

What is it like to be ranked one of the top comedians in the world?  Do you feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders to be funny?

It’s always a relief when I don’t have to be serious. I like joking, it dissolves everything.

Talk about a time where your set wasn’t doing too well and how did you recover?

I don’t know what you are talking about. You must have me confused with someone else…

What advice could you give aspiring comedians?

If they don’t laugh then don’t use it. If they laugh they’re probably not laughing at what you think they’re laughing at.

You do a lot of observational humor.  How are you able to see something and turn it into something funny?  What is your process like for writing jokes?

I’ve always made notes-then when it’s time for a new show I put them all together and call it a show. You could call it art but I call it a pile of ideas about stuff that probably has happened.

What is life like post filming your first feature film “Manny Lewis” like?

I miss the food truck. I’ve never eaten so well.

What inspired the tour name to be ‘Drinking With A Fork?’

I heard it once and liked it. If you know what ‘Drinking with a Fork’  means then you probably will understand what a ‘one ended stick’ is as well.

You have been doing standup for a very long time.  How do you keep your material fresh?

I don’t know really. Each night I just hope for the best. When you think you stink they think it was moving. When you think you’re on fire they’re looking at their watch.

Who are some of your favorite comedians to watch perform?

I like Jim Gaffigan, Steven Wright, Billy Connolly

Who was your comedy inspiration when you first started out?

I really like an Irish/Australian comic called Jimeoin. He still makes me laugh, a genuinely funny person. Gentle, whimsical and brilliant observations.

Can you give us a glimpse into what kind of material you will be performing?

I’ve always wondered why in the middle of a long story people suddenly stop and tell us that they are making it shorter by saying “anyway, to cut a long story short” My question is why wouldn’t you start off with the short version? That kind of stuff…plus I feel sorry for isolated showers.

You’re essentially a household name around the world.  Have you used your stardom to benefit you in any way?  Have you ever walked into a store and taken anything and yelled out ‘I can take this, I’m Carl Barron!’

I usually do the opposite: I pay for it and give a false name.  The cops often pick me up and take me to a bar.

Watch more Carl here: https://vimeo.com/188752064/8d96df5534

Carl comes to New York’s Soho Playhouse for five performances Nov. 15-16 and 18-20! Get your tickets here:



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