On The Scene: ‘A Bad Idea Gone Wrong’ World Premieres at the 2017 SXSW Film Festival

Writer-director Jason Headley premiered his feature film debut “A Bad Idea Gone Wrong” at SXSW this year which received a special jury award for best ensemble.

The indie comedy is about two amateur thefts Marlon played by Matt Jones of “Breaking Bad” and Leo played by Will Rogers from “Rebel in the Rye”, who rob the house of Leo’s ex-finance in an affluent gated community in an attempt to retrieve the engagement ring he previously gave her before the breakup.

Although the owners of the home are on vacation, Marlon accidentally sets off the alarm system while they are inside and locks them in. To make matters worse, there’s a woman inside the home, Darcy played by Eleanore Pienta who has been squatting uninvited for several days and suddenly the men have a hostage situation on their hands. Trapped together, the three criminals deal with double crosses, sexual tensions, and discoveries that make their difficult escape from the cops even more daunting.

Jason Headley sums up the film best in his director’s statement, “This is a story about people trapped in their own lives who end up trapped in the same house. All three characters have parts of themselves they prefer to keep hidden. The gears of this story grind these parts to the surface so they have to be dealt with. In front of—and even in spite of—others.”

The film is a Red Entertainment production in association with Ten Acre Films. Producers are Jonathan Duffy, Kelly Williams and Red Sanders, with Derek Brown co-producing.

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