Film Review: ‘The Mayo Conspiracy’

The Mayo Conspiracy is a historical satire that follows the food industry and America’s obsession with Mayonnaise. 

Co-directors Craig Horwitz and Anthony J. Vollmer directed an inciting comedy with a satirical storyline that will have viewers second-guessing whether or not their title indie film The Mayo Conspiracy was based on a true story.

The Mayo Conspiracy follows a journalist (Horwitz) from France to Nazi Germany, as he interviews a mysterious character named ‘M’ who shares with him a story about a mayonnaise cartel.

Directed in a documentary style, the film focuses on the food-condiment industry and America’s obsession with certain condiment’s like Mayonnaise. M continues to give an interesting history behind the condiments popularity.

The film focuses on a dangerous food cartel that has had a negative effect on the health and politics of America. The mayonnaise cartel leader known as “Big Mayo” has had a strong backing in American politics because of his power over the distribution of the condiment–Mayonnaise.

Cited as “the white devil’s condiment,” Mayonnaise was used to control the American population and gain power over it.

The film also covers prominent events in American history from the JFK assassination to the Clinton/Lewinsky scandal, and seems to tie in the “mayo conspiracy” to these notable events in an extremely clever manner.

It uses historical footage appropriately and just enough that it excites viewers to keep learning more about the conspiracy.

From the writing to the direction, the film was unlike any other and is something that cannot be easily compared because of its unique storyline. If you’re fascinated with history and conspiracies this is the perfect film to watch because it blended both in beautifully.

The film also provides several jokes about current and past political climates that many viewers can find hilarious.

The Mayo Conspiracy won the best comedy feature at The World’s Independent Film Festival (2015). To learn more visit: 


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