Manhattan Knights Deliver a Spectacular-filled Show for NYFW

Towering over Midtown Manhattan with awe-dropping views of clothes and the Empire State Building, streetwear clothing brand Manhattan Knights shows off their new collection for the upcoming season.

The rules?

Plastic, transparency, honesty.

In a move to accept a wider range of fashion-minded individuals, Manhattan Knights’ collection features non-gender conforming clothing with a unique twist on fashion throughout the centuries. Different materials come into play, just as our generation’s typical cynically is featured right on our chests.

Chainmail and plastic provide an excellent material for our mood—the transparency of plastic forces people to get to know us, to know our personalities with the sleeves on our shoulders, or in this case, the plastic front of our shirts. Chainmail, on the other hand, shows our hard exterior, bounded together with meticulous care, telling people we care about our appearance on the outside just as much as the inside. That we’re hard to know but working through that will provide the greatest of relationships with that inside person.

Material takes over Manhattan Knights’ show, held on a penthouse floor of a building directly aligned with the Empire State Building a block over. And with its location comes its delivery. Sticking with streetwear’s rejection of normality, Manhattan Knights decided to disrupt the cliché catwalk for a more casual—and more enjoyable—living look. Models sat on couches, danced to live music, and just hung out while acting like any streetwear-wearing person would. In that living arrangement, not only did they show off their clothing brand as a new approach to an already new fashion, but they showed their personality through their atmosphere.

Amazing window views of midtown surrounding the models, with already chic clothing featuring an upside-down Nike logo with the words “Just Don’t,” Manhattan Knights forces consumers to question what they’re buying, and onlookers to ask how those got to confident.

Like Manhattan Knights describes themselves as being “inspired by a deep love for New York, its culture, its people, and its humor,” Manhattan Knights’ new collection depicted just that. New Yorkers’ cynicality came out just as our uniqueness was shown. Our hard exterior followed by remarkably cute interior shows how we view ourselves, just how those who don Manhattan Knights’ clothing.

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