Exclusive: Jordana Brewster Talks Fall, Fashion, and Feminism At POND’S Holiday Event

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Wondering how to keep flawlessly fashionable in the fall? Jordana Brewster is here to give readers all the answers.


In the days following Halloween this year, even Los Angeles could feel the change towards fall. Pond’s set the season off with a bang with an exclusive holiday glam get together. The event held at West Hollywood’s Beauty Bar featured one-on-one time with Pond’s brand ambassador and Fast & Furious star Jordana Brewster, makeovers by the talented glam-squad using some of Brewster’s holiday must-haves, and Pond’s latest product, sheet hydrating facemasks, set to hit shelves in early 2018.

Along with getting some of Jordana’s best holiday hints, what life is like juggling family and career, and growing in any industry as a kickass female. Read Jordana’s exclusive Knockturnal interview below:


Nicolette Acosta: Congratulations on the launch, how did you get started with Pond’s? How do you do you juggle everything you do?

Jordana Brewster: Well the partnership with Pond’s was super organic, it came about three years ago and it just made sense because it’s a product my mom used back in the day and it’s a product my mom used back in the day, and I’ve been using since I was like 16 and washing my face which is something my mother instilled in me from a very early age… Take your makeup off and wash your face no matter how tired you are, you have to do it, it’s all about maintenance so you don’t have to do anything drastic later on. So when they came to us, I was so excited. As far as doing it all I think… recently read an article in the New York Times called “The Goddess Myth”, and it’s about moms, and this guilt we feel, and we feel like we have to do everything, so I think the best thing for moms is to know that its impossible to do it all, every single day. There are some days when you excel at work, there are some days when you excel at being a mom.

NA: You mentioned your mom, how much did Pond’s resonate with you for being a family brand?

JB: It’s something that is tried and true you know what I mean? The fact that they’ve been around for so long and they’ve continued to be successful is a testament to the product.


NA: Holiday season is insane for everyone, what are your favorite Holiday tips?

JB: I would say, don’t stress out about your wardrobe. So have a couple of things preselected so you don’t have to stress out. Cause I think that’s the worst, thinking like, “Oh my god, I have this party coming up, and I have to shop for it!” It’s better to have tights with some texture you can dress up, or a dress that you have in your closet, or a velvet blazer now that velvet is so in… Just certain things that make you feel special, or statement jewelry, but I also love playing with makeup. I love a bold lip. But you can’t do a lip and an eye. Or an eye with a little bit of glitter or strategically place glitter or shimmer. Or I love fake lashes. If you don’t know how to apply them, go to a beauty bar, and get them done because they’ll make you feel so much more special in a way.


NA: So if you had to choose your three beauty staples, would you go with…?

JB: I would go with mascara, towelettes to wipe everything off, and I’m super into dark, dark lips. Recently I found a color “Black Dalia”, which is like a deep purple. You just have to be careful with the eating and drinking…


NA: So what is next, you are kind of doing it all with acting, Pond’s, being a mom, what’s next on the horizon? What do you see being your next venture?

 JB: Well we are shooting Lethal Weapon until I think April, and that’s really fun and that keeps me busy, but I also, I’m constantly in classes I’m in an acting class that I love, I’m in a writing class that I love, I’d love to produce down the line, I like learning. I think when you stop learning you kind of stop growing … and eventually, once my boys are older I’d love to go back to school I think.


NA: This is a little off topic, but as a woman in Hollywood, who is also gorgeous, how important do you think it is for women to step into multiple roles in order to be taken seriously in this industry?

JB: I think it’s not just to be taken seriously, I think women want to see themselves reflected on the screen, so like right now I’m obsessed with this show called, Better Things, produced by Pamela Adlon, and she writes it and stars in it, but there is this lack of vanity, this level of reality, I’m calling it like the female version of Curb Your Enthusiasm, it’s just so refreshing and also so comforting, because you can see yourself in these quirks, and real-life situations, and think, “oh, I’m not alone”. I think the days of the idealized female as like the wife and the girlfriend, its done, thank god.


NA: What made you get into acting?

JB: I see it in my son too. I have a very bloated sense of self, which goes away as you get older so, thank god I started out so young because I don’t know if I would have had the courage to do it later on… It’s beautiful. So I’m so glad it did. I love the outlet it gave me… and I had the most fun. But I also had this practical side that I want to prove to myself that I can do this while my parents are supporting me. And I went to college, but I was so grateful that as a senior I knew what I was doing versus, you know, having to search for that, cause I think that’s also so daunting.


NA: Are your sons interested in acting at all?

 JB: I think maybe… Like I see Julian he’s a bit of an extrovert, he loves playing dress up, I feel like he might be… But I’m gonna try to steer him towards writing.


NA: What kind of writing do you do?

JB: Right now its just a creative writing course, cause writing is writing. I was an English major, but I was always writing about books, and writing about you know, just very analytical, so trying to get more into the left brain.


NA: When you are creative writing, do you focus on female characters specifically, or whatever comes…? 

JB: I think its mainly female characters because it whatever sparks me. You know what I mean? And I understand myself and I understand my friends, and that’s just what I gravitate towards right now.


NA: If you had to choose three female characters in real life or in fiction that inspired you in any way, who would you pick?

JB: I was just listening to a podcast with Allie Macgraw? I love that she was kind of on the spiritual journey before it was trendy to do so. I love what women are doing now, like Jessica Alba or Sarah Michelle Geller, I love that they are not only acting but are also entrepreneurs you know? I think its so inspiring to switch careers, mid-career, or to add something. I think that’s very cool. And I love, as far as women that are inspiring, there’s this author that I’ve been reading recently, and she is so honest, and Pamela Adlon is again, the one from Better Things, I think she is very inspiring because she is brutally honest. Of course, I’m blanking on her name, this writer, Heidi Crulevits (sp)!


NA: What’s advice that you would give women trying to rise in their fields as someone who’s done it?

JB: I think now, women are in a better position because now, no one wants perfection anymore, people want to see idiosyncrasies and imperfection, and people want to see humanity, and embrace what’s unique about you and nurture that versus trying to fit into a mold.

Nicolette Acosta is a New York to Los Angeles transplant and a lover of travel and of most things culture and media related. Keep up with her attempting to navigate the lives of the rich and famous on Instagram: @nicolettepilar.

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