‘Gotham’ Cast Shares What Fans Can Expect From Season 3

The Knocturnal spoke with the cast of Fox/Warner series “Gotham” about the third season premiering April 24.

During the cocktail offered by WBTV and FOX for press and talent, most of the main cast was present and more than willing to share their own reflections about their characters’ evolution on the show so far, as well as to spill some details about what we can expect for the upcoming third season.

While Ben McKenzie, detective James Gordon on the show, and Camren Bicondova, who plays Selina Kyle, the Cat, were the most sought after during the night due to their characters’ consistent centrality in the plot of past seasons, we were more intrigued to find out with the others what the audience can expect of the characters that might steal the show for the upcoming season, premiering April 24 on FOX.

Chris Chalk, who plays Lucius Fox, for instance hinted he might be the central character at DCPD on the episodes to come, although the audience will “not know him completely yet”. He confirms that, while all other characters had their dark side revealed, we will have to wait a little longer “to see the evil side of Lucius”. Now, he affirms, his character will be focus on keeping Bruce and Gotham safe, although adding in a joyful tone that Lucius and Albert might “slip” when it comes to protecting Bruce.

Another character who seems to be showing only his good side to us this season is Butch, as both Drew Powell and Jessica Lucas, who plays Tabitha, defined Butch as being undoubtedly in love during season 3. Jessica affirms “we know how he feels, but in the end of the season we will finally know who she really cares about,” hinting that we can expect to continue to see the manipulative side of Tabitha. As for the very unexpected couple, Drew sees the atypical scripts as one of the most exciting things about the show the fact that “a guy like Butch can fall in love with a girl like Tabitha”.

And talking about love, Robin Lord Taylor, The Penguin in the series, discussed his queer relationship with Edward Nygma almost preparing us for a downfall of Cobblepot as he reminded us that “in Gotham love is always a liability”. But for Taylor the separation of the two might not be final. “The fact that they will be enemies means there is still love,” reminding us that “the only person that can really hurt us is the ones we care about”.

Barbara, the queen of Gotham, is another villain that will likely be more and more fascinated with Edward Nygma as he discovers himself as The Riddler. Erin Richards, who plays the ultimate good-girl-gone-bad, says that although Barbara just wants to use everyone to be at the top, “she doesn’t care how flamboyant they are in the process”, in fact, Erin adds, “Barbara is even delighted” by it.

Very excited about the fact that Edward will finally emerge as The Riddler on season 3 , Cory Michael Smith had a lot to say about his character transformation. From a comic relief at DCPD on season 1, Cory’s role has continually grown. However, the upcoming season will likely be all about The Riddler, as both Taylor and Erin hinted they might be a little more displaced on season 3. Cory was as enigmatic as his character, but he confessed to this: “Edward always needed a lot of help to find himself, and now we finally get to see who he really is”.

Gotham’s spring premiere will be airing Monday, 4/24 at 8/7c on FOX.


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‘Gotham’ Cast Shares What Fans Can Expect From Season 3

The Knocturnal spoke with the cast of Fox/Warner series “Gotham” about the...
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