On The Scene: ‘Fear Us Women’ Special NY Screening

In some of the most polarizing times the world has seen since 1945, “Fear Us Women” changes our entire perspective on the word soldier.

The 27 minute long documentary follows a brave woman-led terrorist resistance task force, Yekîneyên Parastina Gel (YPG), currently stationed in Syria amidst rising political and international tensions. The film explores the day-to-day fight of volunteer soldier, Hanna Bohman, as an enlisted Kurdish People’s Defense Unit soldier.

Titled after the tattooed script on Bohman’s forearm, “Fear Us Women” joins the native Canadian following three years on two tours of duty on the Syrian front lines. These heroic women fight the terrorist group, ISIS, in small towns spanning the high and lows of Syria. There are currently 10,000 women fighting vital battles to ensure the safety not only in Syria, but also for those around the world.

You can hear it in their battle cries; these courageous butt-busting females mean business. Armed in heavy military grade weaponry, women young and old of the YPG are demanding freedom, and they will fight to get it. With tactical training, multiple units infiltrate and annihilate enemies trying to force the patriarchal system that ISIS is fighting to keep instituted in Syria. With this male-controlled society, comes the subjugation of the women within these countries.

“ISIS believes that if they are killed by women, they go to hell”, says Hanna Bohman. And by the look on her face, she is more than willing to be the one to send them there.

Bohman, former Canadian model and trained sniper, was smuggled over the Syrian border, with little more than four hours of training before she was handed a gun. As you watch this gripping portrayal of fearlessness and heroism, these badass females strategically plan their attacks, maneuver their unit, and one-by-one valiantly defeat numerous threats across Syria.

“People find it weird, but I wanted to make a difference”, says Bohman on why she decided to completely change the trajectory of her life, in order to fight alongside some of the strongest, yet at times most invisible soldiers. And it is these soldiers that fight for the liberation of not only the women of the Middle East, but for all people plagued by the brutality of ISIS.

Directed by Academy Award-nominated director David Durg and executive producer, Olivia Wilde. “Fear US Women” becomes the new face of the modern day fighters.

Today, mothers and daughters alike, from all over the world, stand together as an united force against the constant looming threat of ISIS. And they are changing the face of the revolution.

This captivating film is available on all platforms November 9th via Go90.

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