Exclusive: Lex Scott Davis Talks New Movie ‘Superfly’ [Video]

Superfly follows a young career criminal Youngblood Priest who wants out of the Atlanta drug scene, but as he ramps up sales, one little slip up threatens to bring the whole operation down before he can make his exit.

We caught up with actress Lex Scott Davis to talk about her new role as Georgia in Superfly. Lex’s character plays opposite Jackson as his love interest in the film. We talked strength, art, and of course Superfly.

The Knockturnal: You’re such a strong character on set, who did you draw inspiration from, what strong woman in your life did you take that strongness into your character

Lex Scott Davis: My mother and my aunts, my mom’s little sisters. I think the three of them exhibit all around feminism and empowerment. They’re all entrepreneurs. They all are their own bosses and that to me is definitely what I had to embody with Georgia. Definitely.

The Knockturnal: Your character is into the art. What is some of your favorite art and what did you learn about art doing this part?

Lex Scott Davis: Wow some of my fav…I have so many favorites. Well, I paint so I have like a combination of stuff. I love Banksy because I just like his political art pieces his murals that he does around town. There’s always something I’ve noticed of his growing up really cool. Liechtenstein was a really awesome artist that I enjoyed learning about while I was in school as well. And he’s popular for that comic book looking type, the dotted artwork. And then a third, just to name a third, a good friend of mine Gianni Lee who’s from Philadelphia he’s been my friend since Philly and he also is in LA. He’s a painter and he travels the world painting and his pieces also have a lot of social commentary within them as well. So those are like my three off the top of my brain I can think of.

The Knockturnal: The content of the film that can be a little bit edgy at times, was that at all intimidating for you?

Lex Scott Davis: No, I’m not at all intimidated by the edge, being on the edge. That’s the art of storytelling, you know, every script is gonna have its edge to it, it’s gonna have some type of rawness, some groundwork that is in there so that makes it more exciting for me.

The Knockturnal: What was your favorite scene to film in Superfly? Mines with the gun, you know, in the house with the explosion what was yours?

Lex Scott Davis: That was a really, and I’ll speak to that, that was a fun day to shoot. My family was there that day, we go to do the whole bust at the end with the guns and the fire. It was really exciting for me. We, all of the actors, we all did our own stunts, so that was really awesome.

The Knockturnal: You did?

Lex Scott Davis: Yeah, Yeah, not that it was that many stunts I think I was kind of running and hiding but I did that too!

The Knockturnal: In the film, we won’t give it away, there’s an ultimate destination at the end, what would you have an ultimate destination of? Where do you see yourself yachting at?

Lex Scott Davis: Greece, ya I’ve never been, always wanted to go.

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