Christine Evangelista and Josh Henderson of ‘The Arrangement’ Talk Scientology and Arranged Relationships

The names never seem to stop. From Brangelina to Kimye, celebrity marriages have become a commodity all of its own. 

It seems that every year or so, there is another Hollywood power couple that sweeps the nation–and tabloids–granting them unfettered love, affection and adoration. But whenever one hears of that glamorous, célébrité love, one can’t help but imagine that it’s too good to be true. One can’t help but think–is it really love or is there some other ulterior motive at play?

Here to unfold the mysteries of Hollywood love is NBC’s newest show, The Arrangement. The show tells the story of Megan Morrison (Christine Evangelista) who has just landed a huge role opposite A-lister Kyle West (Josh Henderson), who has also offered her a 10 million dollar marriage contract. But things grow more complicated when she meets the enigmatically charming leader (Michael Vartan) of a self-help organization that calls itself the Institute of the Higher Mind.

Many were quick to draw similarities between this show and Scientology’s Tom Cruise. “I understand the comparisons. Obviously people are very aware of Scientology,” said star Josh Henderson. “My character, Kyle West, is the face of the Institute of the Higher Mind, which is a self-help organization, So there’s a few obvious comparisons to Scientology or actors that we’ve heard of that may have been in an ‘arranged marriage'” added Henderson.

Speaking of the inspiration for the show’s organization, star Christine Evangelista said, “I think there are a lot of groups like the Institute of the Higher Mind. I think there are a lot of cult-like organizations around, a lot of self-help groups.” The actress went on to say that “there’s a lot to draw on–everything from Landmark [Education] to Tony Robbins.”

The Knockturnal was lucky enough to catch up with stars Christine Evangelista and Josh Henderson to discuss their time on the show, how they prepared and where they drew their inspirations from. Check out the full interview below:

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