Backstage Beauty Report: Morgan Lane and Redken

NYFW: We met up with Redken’s Richard Kavanagh backstage at Morgan Lane to get the lowdown on hair for NYFW’s coziest, sexiest show.

Morgan Lane is all about cozy chic. Designing some of the best lingerie and sleepwear on the market, Lane’s approach puts sexy and comfortable on the same plane, something many other lingerie brands can’t say. Her designs for this season were things of ice-cream dreams and candy kisses. Awning stripes in multicolor, doodles on satin, pure pink… Morgan Lane’s spring/summer collection fa the sleepover looks you never had growing up. We picked up some hair tips from Redken’s Richard Kavanagh, who charmed us with his perfect accent and easy approach to Morgan Lane’s hair looks.

The Knockturnal: I kind of watched you conduct this look here, can you tell me about it?

Richard Kavanagh: Yes, the look for Morgan Lane is really cool and sexy and youthful. Each girl is having her look designed for individual aesthetic. We’re working with some braids, some seasalt spray, some texture powder- it’s almost as if these girls were at a slumber party, just absentmindedly braiding their own hair- they’re busy in their own minds.

The Knockturnal: What’re you using to achieve this look?

Richard Kavanagh: It’s a variety, but primarily we’re using Fashion Waves, our seasalt spray, Powder Grip which is our hair powder. We’re working with Forceful, our strong-hold hairspray for texture and Diamond Oil for our wet looks.

The Knockturnal: So the primary challenge here is fitting the look to girl?

Richard Kavanagh: The real thing is just making sure- because there is no specific direction, I can’t instruct the team. I have to go around girl by girl by girl and give the team some instruction and adjustments, but let them go for it, really.

The Knockturnal: Do you like this?

Richard Kavanagh: There is a wonderful sense of individuality this season in fashion and rather than dictating a trend we’re just considering a girl’s individuality.



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