Art Review: Sonder ii

Sonder— “the realization that each random passerby is living a life as lucid and complex as your own”—is both the inspiration and vision of Emma and Carolyn’s project.

Emma and Carolyn sought to showcase works by young artists that offered something of this truth, and the result was a revelation of the unique lives of over 50 artists. The opening reception for Sonder ii—their second exhibit after the success of their first in 2017—was held March 9 on Orchard Street.

Sonder seeks to destroy the notion of ageism, held by so many both in and out of the art world. Young artists are often dismissed, their works disregarded, merely based on their young age. The exhibit proves that despite age, the works of these young artists are as profound and revealing as any other.

All images: @jkclarke_photography

Displayed artists:

Nabi Williams

Lucy Fuller/Tiago Mathias

Hannah Patricia S. Chanco

Isabella Dias

Mae Krell

Olivia Ferrucci

Reese Herman

Harry Bakalis

Ilina Bhatia

Generose Escarda

Messiah Art

Dariana Portes

Alexander Aadland

Allison Barr

Gabrielle Barrera

Grace Montoya

Matenia Altikatis

Charis Huling

Savannah Eden Bradley

Taylor Paydos

Kathryn Godoy

Krista Jaworski

Lexi Meace

Estefania Herrera

Jordan E. Davis

Pilar Pennell

Karmel Odelia Spanier

Brian Asuncion

Armony Dailly

Joyce Lau

Dakotah Wilde

Chloe Schneider

Abby Raffle

Theresa Jo

Coco Hollings


Crystal Beirsdorfer

Faith Chandler

Chris Olsen

Zehra Abedi

Razan Elbaba

Femi Fleming

Alexis Yaeger

Sean Glatch

Shaunia Bronson

John Groves

Kayden Strauss

Jared Witherspoon

Olivia Nye

Amit Chernichaw

Geri Lingad

Ashley Ramos

Adanceh Christopher

Josephine Macdonald

Marissa Edwards

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