Theater Review: ‘Boogie Stomp!’

The intimate atmosphere at the Elektra Theatre prepares its audiences with giddy excitement to enjoy Bob Baldori and Arthur Migliazza’s explosively memorable performances in Boogie Town!.

This show is the most satisfying theatre experience everyone should have the opportunity to see. The production is a beautiful conglomerate of American Piano Music over the course of 100 years, which music lovers, new-comers to theatre and/or music, and professional musicians, can thoroughly enjoy. The show’s score is passionately played by a team of truly gifted artists: award-winning Blues and Boogie Woogie pianist Arthur Migliazza and the show’s producer, writer and professional pianist Bob Baldori. Baldori also directed the award-winning documentary Boogie Stomp!, on which the current stage play is based.

The show is inspired by Mr. Baldori’s professional relationship with Chuck Berry, who is labeled as one of the greatest pioneers in Rock n’ Roll history. The three elements that paved the way for rock n’ roll were experimentation with rhythm, syncopation, and improvisation, and the show uses a historically musical timeline to demonstrate each of these. The charismatic and playful banter between Baldori and Migliazza throughout Boogie Stomp! make the show all the more endearing to watch, as well as intrigue its audience members with the history behind the birth of blues and boogie-woogie music.

It is the combination of Bob Baldori’s warm humor with soulful harmonica playing and the cool & effortless presence of Arthur Migliazza at the piano that makes Boogie Stomp! a show you won’t want to miss. The smooth yet zesty flow that this show contains transforms its show-goers into keen & attentive, desirable eared audience members.

Get your mojo working and fire it up, with Boogie Stomp!

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