On The Scene: Epson Digital Couture F/W 18 Presentation

On February 6, 2018 Epson kicked off fashion week on pier 17 with some innovative designers and a breathtaking view.

The digital printing revolution is taking over! From the entertainment industry, to the fabric industry, digital printing has become one of the largest markets for personalizing projects. Until now this was one of the best-kept secrets amongst the elites. It allowed them to transcribe concept to reality! With Epson now pushing the envelope to the forefront of the fabric revolution, artists have the chance to save time, dream bigger and wilder with more efficient exploring than ever before. Thus the Digital Coutore movement was born!

The digital couture movement is bringing leaders of fashion and technology together turning the runway into a theater for your esthetic sensitivity. Entering the room felt like going into a different world. You walked in to hit a crossroads. Walk the red carpet… Or pass through the digital cinema… The lighting was intentionally very soft highlighting important stations such as the open bar that was parallel to the lounge like Movie Theater, manikins, and designer platforms. The movie in the lounge was a documentary of the impact and experiences (designers had) using the EPSON DIGITAL FABRIC PRINTER.

Instead of a runway, there was a live model display, permitting an intimate 360 view of the bold pieces. US designer Alexandra Pizzigoni and Patricia Franklin (famous for her feature in the Macy’s Philadelphia Center City display last year) collaborated on a collection and created bright colorful, asymmetric dresses, with ruffles, slits, and multiple patterns all in one. Project Runway finalist Candice Cuoco had her unique blend of gothic, leather, layered with medieval patterns on display. Other U.S. designers were the trio threeASFOUR, and Fernando Alberto. I really enjoyed the modest collection by, Ilse Jara from Paraguay. Jara’s collection had a very elegant, sleek, flowy, futuristic (Star Wars princess vibe).

My favorite designer of the night was from Brazil, Miss Michele Gevaerd, with a high-end luxurious line of pajamas… As if getting out the bed isn’t already hard enough! Her pajama line really drove home the digital printer’s ability to print on the most delicate of fabrics like, silk and cashmere.

Allowing opposing ideas to mesh together in such a clear unimaginable way is exactly what Epson dreamt when creating their digital fabric printer. In addition to establishing the inherent relationship between digital technology and fabric Epson hopes to bring high quality customized printing to the “average” person. Please visit Epson.com for more details on the designers, and how to get your hands on one of these amazing machines.

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