Take a look at this protest sign. If buy viagra cheap you don't know exactly where that.6 million a year figure viagra government funded comes from, we're betting your first thought is "yaaasss." It was our first thought, too. But the sign, posted by Reddit user GallowBoob, is a little more complicated than it seems. Yes, the government does spend.6 million on Viagra and.24 million on erectile dysfunction over the counter viagra substitute walmart drugs overall, or buy viagra cheap at least it did two years ago according to CBS. But that money doesn't go toward any random man's ED meds. It's spent on men in the military, both active-duty and those who've retired as well viagra online without prescription as eligible family members. Advertisement, more than 84 million is still a whole lot of how much does viagra cost per pill money for viagra government funded the government to spend on a medical problem that's seemingly unimportant to a man's performance in the military, but the military also pays for birth control for women. And viagra for men that's why some Reddit users think this woman's sign is essentially " fake news. while we'd argue that access to family planning is a little more important to women's jobs in the military than the ability to get an erection would be for men, that's besides the point. The point this woman who goes by @taammiiM on Twitter is making, we think, doesn't really hinge on whether or not the government spends equal amounts of money on birth control as they do on ED drugs. The point is that so-called Trumpcare, aka "The American Health Care Act aims to defund Planned Parenthood, mostly on the basis that PP offers abortion services. (Note: abortion is not covered by taxpayer dollars. not everyone who identifies as pro-life believes that pregnancy is a God-given gift, but some. And in that case, viagra government funded why aren't we asking men to take responsibility for their bodies in the same way we're asking women viagra symptoms to? The sign this woman carries points to this problem, even if the actual figures might be a little off-base. Patricia Kime Military Times, published 2:03.m. UTC viagra government funded Feb 16, 2015. A media report published online last week indicated viagra government funded the Pentagon spent more than 500,000 for Viagra in 2014. That's a lot of money but the figure wasn't even close to the real amount spent by the Defense Department for that erectile dysfunction drug and others.

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