Concert Review: Xavier Wulf Hosts The Rowdiest Party of the Night When He Invades The Novo

LOS ANGELES – You only get one chance at a first impression. While familiar with recording artist Xavier Wulf by name alone. Never had the urgency to see the Memphis, Tennessee act live at any capacity. Walking into the venue, I had no idea what I was getting myself into and, by the end of the night, the former Raider Klan member had me sold trough this mind blowing evening.

The “East Memphis Maniac Tour” is in-support of the artist’s latest project East Memphis Maniac mixtape. Along for the ride, also pushing their own solo efforts, is the Seshollowaterboys, including Bones, Chris Travis, and Eddy Baker. Wulf has his own HollowSquad BBK imprint. This is the second tour the four solo acts have embarked on together as the Seshollowaterboys. A name I would get use to chanting by the end of the night and the purpose of the title.

In front of a jam-packed sold out Los Angeles cult following, Eddy Bakers and Chris Travis built up anticipation opening up show while Bones and Xavier Wulf closed out the show with a stellar performance. While each performed solo sets of their most well-known material, the four formed as one and at that moment, an eruption occurred. Together, Wulf and the boys commanded to open up the middle and hyped the rowdiest mosh pit I’ve ever seen at a Hip-Hop show. Shoulder to shoulder, it was intriguing at the enormous female presence at this gritty, underground, uncensored Hip-Hop show.

Watch Xavier Wulf Perform “Philsopher’s Throne” Below:

Stroming the stage, Xavier Wulf exploded into his notable mentions. Seeking out the true Wulf fans, while educating the newfound fans like myself. The crowd turned into a cult as committed they were to the lyrics of every Xavier Wulf track. Quickly swarming the barricade while the most pit grew into a river. Pleased with the energy from the crowd, Wulf performed more hits from his 7 years ongoing active catalog. “Philsopher’s Throne”, “Wulf Takahashi”, “Crash Landing”, and “Check It Out”. Dark, gritty, and explicit, the show was smooth flow that no one wanted to end as the entire Hollow Squad closed out the show.

Watch Xavier Wulf Perform “Wulf Takahashi” Below:

The show was a family affair as the entire SeshHollowWaterBoys shared the stage as they performed their fan-favorites and collaborative hits. The unity among the foursome was organic, equally showcased, and Xavier Wulf is a phenomenal act. Live, his energy is felt like an atomic bomb with the wave of excitement that passed through the crowd the entire show. No major light show, no pyrotechnics, or star-studded surprises, the energy of Wulf and the SeshHollowWaterBoys could have powered all of Los Angeles the unforgettable feeling that was imprinted on the entire crowd with their performances. Arrive expecting a mediocre concert and got the wildest party I’ve ever been to, period.

You never forget your first, and I will never forget the night I saw Xavier Wulf live on the “East Memphis Maniac Tour”.

Checkout Complete East Memphis Maniac Tour Dates Below to See Xavier Wulf in a City Near You.

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