BJ The Chicago Kid Reveals What’s In His Mind

Singer/songwriter BJ The Chicago Kid hosted a private listening session in New York City for his new LP In My Mind, dropping this fall.

Signed to the legendary Motown Records, BJ invited a few fans and industry execs to an intimate space inside the Capitol Music Group offices for a special treat. As guests eagerly awaited to hear BJ’s upcoming project, they mingled over popular Chicago styled deep dish pizza which was personally request by BJ himself. BJ wanted his guests to truly experience a taste of his world as a Chicago native.

Not keeping fans craving the new sounds too long, BJ the Chicago Kid stood upon a small stage filled with classic instruments to introduce his latest LP, In My Mind. Background provided by BJ’s live band immediately set the mood for this already sizzling summer night. BJ played several unheard tracks off In MY Mind in no particular order starting with the rattling bass heavy Michael Keys produced track “Man Down”. Written by BJ the Chicago Kid “Man Down” offers a unique twist on the current sound of hip hop and invites listeners into BJs gritty honest side. The following song, simply titled “OMG”, and produced by Knox continued along a bodacious path with another booming “in ya face” drum drenched beat. BJ sings about holding the industry down and solidifying his spot in the game. After getting listeners amped up, the young R&B star shifted gears into a more intimate “after dark” experience with his next track titled, “Love Inside”. “I want you to feel it”, croons BJ repeatedly over this melodic hypnotizing production. This track, reminiscent of his earlier work, could serve as a sequel to the smooth “Good Luv’n” track off of 2012’s soulful Pineapples Now- Laters project. “Love Inside” composed of BJ’s familiar love making lyrics, remained true to his R&B roots and left listeners hot, bothered, and possibly “sexting” their significant other.

By this time the sweet creeping sangria had lowered the crowds inhibitions and had listeners ears’ watering for more. Swiftly moving along BJ introduced the next track featuring Kendrick Lamar titled “Keep” inspired by the cure to heal all, Love. “Keep” offers listeners insight on BJ the Chicago Kid’s views on love in modern day pop culture. BJ believes love isn’t popular anymore amongst his peers and Compton bred rapper Kendrick Lamar agrees according to his verse where he spit about lusting for more love. Next, he jumped into another catchy track titled “Church” featuring fellow Chicago native, Chance the Rapper. The hook symbolic of religious under tones rooted in irony repeats with the lyrics “hopefully we go to heaven, because I’m sinning”. “Church” will serve as the next single and is easily the guilty pleasure track of the album giving listeners yet deeper insight into the intriguing temptations BJ the Chicago Kid faces with the ladies along with a steamy verse from Chance the Rapper where he claims his weakness and desires for the female body.

The next track titled “Shine” produced by DJ Reflex took a more motivational spin on relationships. BJ sings, “If I shine, you shine with me baby”. Ensuring that you will never forget the person standing by your side through thick and thin, “Shine” reminds listeners to show appreciation for their loved ones. As the night concluded, BJ amped the crowd back up with another Michael Keys produced track titled “Crazy”. This track was self explanatory and found BJ singing aggressively over a trippy beat switch up. BJ informed listeners before playing “Crazy” that he believes we all have something or someone we will go over the edge for, and if you can’t identify with that statement you probably wouldn’t relate to this track. BJ the Chicago kid left the crowd with current single titled “That Girl” featuring OG Maco.”That Girl” is the perfect summer time single with its infectious hook where BJ inquires about that special someone.

In My Mind is expected to be released this Fall and overall sounds extremely hip and will give fans and potential new listeners a fresh unique but relatable twist on love from the eyes of BJ. Stay tuned for more from this Chicago crooner.

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BJ The Chicago Kid Reveals What’s In His Mind

Singer/songwriter BJ The Chicago Kid hosted a private listening session in New...
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