On The Scene With Uzo Aduba and More at Annual Point Honors Gala for LGBTQ Youth

We spent Monday evening at The Plaza hotel celebrating progress in the LGBTQ community with guests such as Uzo Aduba and Javier Muñoz at the annual Point Honors Gala.

Don’t underestimate the power of Point Foundation and a good red carpet. It was pure joy to see the award-winning students enjoy themselves with celebrities such as Uzo Aduba and Javier Muñoz, snapping photos and celebrating progress towards a fairer world. Point Foundation is the National LGBTQ Scholarship fund in the United States, leading the effort in terms of empowering lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer students. In a country that seems to be hellbent on maintaining LGBTQ citizens as second-class, Point works to break the barrier. There’s no question that these members of society have massive potential, routinely making breakthroughs and innovations in every sector. Point can take some responsibility for enabling that.

Point works hard through scholarship, mentoring, leadership, and internship programs, but these programs, though hugely successful, aren’t free. And now, more than ever, Point is needed to help these students achieve.

On April 4th, hundreds rose to the occasion and celebrated the Point Foundation at the annual Honors Gala, this time held at The Plaza Hotel in New York City.

The festive and elegant evening assembled some of the most influential and enabling individuals who have worked hard to incorporate the mission of Point Foundation into their lives.

Emmy Award-winning actress Uzo Aduba snapped group photos on the red carpet and was all smiles, joyful to be part of something as significant as Point. She has been recognized for her positive influence on the LBGTQ community with the Point Courage Award; recognizing those who have advocated for the future of the LGBTQ community and believe investing in today’s potential will produce a brighter tomorrow. Her award was presented by “Hamilton” star Javier Muñoz.

CNN’s Don Lemon introduced his Emmy Award-winning MSNBC peer Thomas Roberts, who received the Point Impact Award; presented to an individual making a significant impact on improving the LGBTQ community.

Robert’s approach to the situation was elegant and appropriate:

“I decided long ago that a successful professional life and a successful personal life didn’t need to be mutual exclusive. That’s what I truly have wanted younger people.  I firmly believe we can all have an impact when we just show up and remain honest.”

We do not question the influence of personal lives in the work of cis and hetero co-workers. Why would an LGBTQ person be subject to a different standard?

Comedienne Emma Willmann hosted the festive evening which featured performances by Matt Doyle and Emily Skeggs.

Additional celebrity participants included Bob the Drag Queen, Ivory Aquino, Michelle Collins, Gideon Glick, Taylor Louderman, Charles Socarides, Nico Tortorella, and more.

When speaking to Bob the Drag Queen, we learned his commitment to drag started long ago and has become a form of art above all. Drag is one of the important elements of LGBTQ culture and has become an enormous industry of itself, even opening cis hetero men to the idea of makeup and feeling beautiful.

The Point Foundation is nowhere near finished with its work. Jorge Valencia, CEO of Point Foundation said, “We are so appreciative of having sponsors and supporters that made it possible for Point to celebrate three champions of diversity and inclusion who are role models for our LGBTQ scholars.”

Online at Point Foundation.

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