Susan Rockefeller Releases New Documentary ‘Food For Thought, Food For Life’

Food Day hopes to change the diets of Americans and to make better lifestyle choices with over 8,000 events nationwide. The day, which will falls on October 24, is the global awareness of where we get our food and at what costs. Set on answering that question, Susan Rockefeller, who is also a conservationist, has made the documentary Food For Thought, Food For Life.

The 20 minute film, which was selected at Cannes 2015 and the 2015 Sarasota Film Festival, addresses the issues that Americans have with how their food is picked, made, produced and shipped to dinner tables everywhere.

Food Day manager Lilia Smelkova said in a statement, “We are thrilled to partner with Susan Rockefeller on the online release of this remarkable film. By providing our partners at over 8,000 events nationwide with access to the film we can ensure Food Day will impact in even greater ways in 2015.”

Similarly, Rockefeller stated, “It’s an honor to partner with Food and to play a role in helping reach millions about the food issues that affect each one of us.” Rockefeller also made other thought-provoking documentaries including Making The Crooked Straight and A Sea Change. Food For Thought, Food For Life is a production of Rockefeller’s Protect What Is Precious brand that she created in 2013.

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