Supergirl’s Mehcad Brooks & Wyclef Jean Drops New Single, “Arrested”

Known best for his popular role of Guardian/Jimmy Olson on the hit DC/CW series Supergirl. Actor Mehcad Brooks shows his multi-talented side as he quickly becomes a breakout recording artist with the release of his catchy new single, “Arrested”.

For “Arrested”, the 37-year-old star collaborates with legendary recording artist Wyclef Jean. Written by the award-winning entertainer, Wycelf crafts an irresistible tropical melody for Brooks, filled with love and feel-good smooth Jamaican dance vibe. Mehcad fuses elements of dance, rock, blues, R&B, and hip-hop to create a unique yet familiar sound that not only sweetens the experience to the ears but resonates on a lyrical level.

Mehcad has developed a large following for himself with his new music. Accumulating over 1-million plays on popular streaming platform Spotify. With Supergirl heading into its fourth season, Mehcad will be becoming an even bigger star that will definitely transcend into a guaranteed successful music career.

Mehcad Brooks on “Arrested”:

“Arrested is about this movement of love that’s sweeping across the country and the powers and institutions that would try to stop that love from spreading. Being arrested is symbolic in any protest. We have to be willing to be who and what we are loudly enough that all our old institutions hear us loud and clear.”

Hit the play below, listen to the new single from Mehcad Brooks and Wyclef Jean, “Arrested”, courtesy of Spotify.

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