Smino Brings the 21st Century to R&B

2017 has already proven to be a musical year of electro beats, trap rap, and synths.

Rapper, Smino, has debuted his premiere album, blkswn, filled with heartbreaking lyrical genius and even heavier undertones of electronic funk.

Born and raised in St. Louis, Smino has channeled the sound of home into syncopated beats and risky riffs. As tribute to his roots in Missouri, the up-and-coming artist released his album on March 14th, in conjunction with the area code of St. Louis, 314.

With samples from classics like Anita, Smino creates an ode to his hometown of St. Louis Missouri. When asked why he debuted his album March 14th, he explained that rappers and artists alike tend to forget about his home. Smino wishes to bring acclaim to St. Louis’s musical culture of the past and present.

This new rapper melds R&B soul with a modern flare and accented beat. As you listen to the album, each song transports you on a journey of emotion and memories of lost love, new love, and the general pitfalls of life in his melodic transition between soft vocals and stronger lyrical verses.

Go ahead and checkout Smino’s newest creation, blkswn; with personal favorites like “Silk Pillows and “Oxygen.”

blkswn Track List
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