On the Scene: Spencer Ludwig Album Showcase at Soho House

Spencer Ludwig brought a lethal mix of charm, funk and style to his performance at Soho House this week.

If there’s one word that describes Spencer Ludwig’s presence, it’s electric. The musician, on- and off-stage, has an infectious energy that is embedded in his songs. Ludwig’s music gathers the best of the 1970s show-band era, mixing in funk, jazz and everything in between, creating a sound that slips you into the groove. And if you even think of stopping, Ludwig will pick your energy right back up, delivering vocals with a smile that can only be described as exceptional.

Ludwig, as an artist, demands attention. Costumed in a sequined-blazer, straw-colored hat and bug-eyed sunglasses, Ludwig’s small frame and effortless rhythm evoked the image of a younger Bruno Mars. A key detail, however, sets this artist apart from all the rest: his trumpet. Ludwig’s songs are peppered with incredible, intricate and lively trumpet solos delivered by the artist. Accompanying a mixture of rhythmic bass lines, staccato drums and keyboard, with a hefty helping of old-school guitar shreds and backing vocals added to the mix, this makes for quite the performance. During tracks such as “Diggy” and “Legs,” neither Ludwig nor the crowd held back their love for his sound; the audience grooved completely under Ludwig’s control, the artist standing on top of the drum-set on stage, conducting everyone’s movements like a modern maestro.

The night’s most surprising moment – followed closely by the appearance of a highly enthusiastic Bruce Willis – was Ludwig’s announcement that this was his first show in New York City. If the crowd was any indication, one might have assumed that Ludwig was a New York regular, a result of the level of intimacy and spirit Ludwig established with his audience. And the crowd’s enthusiasm didn’t pass unnoticed, with Ludwig calling out, post-groove, “your energy is amazing, thank you!”

The third component of this performance was Ludwig’s band, which spent the gig immersing themselves in their music, totally in sync with one another’s beat and energy. Each member shined in terms of both talent and verve, commanding the stage as a collective force. Ludwig, leading the performance, slowed the flow before an explosive final song, expressing love for his long-term band members:

“I need to take a moment to acknowledge this band because without them this would meaning nothing…this is a dream come true! You. Them. Thank you.”

Expressing this gratitude, the band closed the night with a final song, combining all of the finest elements of the night in one last powerful performance. Whilst the crowd experienced a wicked guitar solo and swelling drums, Ludwig leapt up on his elevated stand once more, booming out his final tune. With a rapid drop of sound, the band thanked the crowd, leaving their fans to chant “one more tune” as they slipped off stage, undoubtedly blissed out from their night in SohoHouse.

Spencer Ludwig’s singles “Diggy” and “Right Into You” are available on iTunes. The artist is also available to stream on Spotify and Soundcloud.


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On the Scene: Spencer Ludwig Album Showcase at Soho House

Spencer Ludwig brought a lethal mix of charm, funk and style to...
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