RUMI X Takes Workout Fashion to New Heights


When it comes to working outs there is always a new way to do things. That even includes a new way to wear your gear.

This week in Manhattan eco-friendly activewear RUMI X hosted a phenomenal class that highlighted the fun, high-flying line.


At Crunch the Bungee Flight: Adrenaline Rush class led by master instructors had attendees sweating and smiling all while wearing the dynamic activewear. With fashionable tops and supportive criss cross sports bras guests learned how to jump and swing in the high-intensity, low-impact workout that targets every muscle in your body.


The session had you pushing, pulling and flying through strength and cardio sequences. While the movements toned the body they also proved how comfortable the clothing is on the individual. The colorful leggings breathe and flex with all movements. The bras are supportive. And the materials are all soft to the touch of the skin.


The vision of the line is to make modern products made from environmentally conscious materials and methods that make a positive impact on the planet, transforming waste to recycled goods that would otherwise contribute to landfill or oceans. They have mastered the art of creating activewear products from recycled plastic bottles and upcycled coffee grounds. The result is super soft fabrics with moisture-wicking properties and ultra-stretch – allowing you to feel good in movement.

For more information and to shop please visit the site here.

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