Rami Dawod, Denisia Andrews, Jacob Luttrell, Calvin Price, Nikhil Seetharam Talk SESAC Awards

Check our our exclusive interviews from the SESAC Awards Red Carpet.

“You & Me”

Written by Rami Dawod

Published by Ramidawodmusic. Third Spirit Music, Global Entertainment Songs

Recorded by Marc E. Bassy Feat. G-Eazy

What song were you honored for today?

Rami: A song that we worked on called “You & Me” with Marc E. Bassy.

And how was working on it?

Rami: It was great. It was a fun experience and we all enjoyed it. It was really fun. Marc’s very talented so it was good.

And so tell me about how you got your start in songwriting and music.

Rami: A long time ago. I started DJ-ing when I was about 13, 14 in the UK, playing piano, writing lyrics and it just gradually became an occupation. So yeah, it’s just been growing for a long time basically.

Have you done some other work in the UK?

Rami: In the UK? Not so much in the UK. We’re based out here in LA now. This is my partner, Jacob. So we work together. We’re called Jarami.

And how did you guys link up?

Rami: We’re both from Stockholm, Sweden. So in the scene there, we’re both into the same types of music, soul, jazz, R&B and stuff.

And so what else do you have in the works?

Jacob: Our EP Sketches comes out May 5th. Be on the watch out for that one.

What can people expect from it?

Jacob: Oh, soulful funky grooves. Just make you want to dance and groove. Not sit still.

Where can people follow you?

Jacob: @JaramiMusic on Instagram, Facebook, Spotify, iTunes, all that.



Written by Denisia “Blu June” Andrews

Published by 1114 Sounds, WBM Music Corp

Recorded by Kehlani

Tell me about working with Kehlani.

It was really good. She’s a sweetheart. She’s very talented. The chemistry was great and we just made a great song.

And what else do you have in the works? 

Oh man, working on a bunch of stuff. I have something coming out on the Fate of the Furious soundtrack with Kevin Gates. It’s very exciting. I grew up watching the whole series so to be a part of that is great.

And George Clinton is getting honored today. Can you speak about how exciting is is to be in the room with him?

I actually got a chance to meet him a couple of years ago. He lives in Tallahassee and I was in Tallahassee and we actually got to meet. So to see him being honored today is like, wow. Everything coming back full circle.

“Sign Of The Times”

Written by Jacob Luttrell

Published by LSLX Music, Artist Publishing Group East, WBM Music Corp

Recorded by Cee Lo Green

What songs do you have out right now?

“Gangsta” by Kehlani. “I Don’t Like It, I Love It,” by Flo Rida, but that’s kind of old. I don’t know, there’s just these songs that are floating and I think it’s an extended airplay type of thing.

So what else do you have in the works that you’d like to share?

I’m working on an album that I’ve been working on for six years. It’s finally coming out this year. I’m in the mixing process finally. And I’m not letting anything stop me this time. So I’ve been really busy with everybody else’s projects so this time … I moved to New York in the last eight months so that I don’t have to deal with everybody else’s stuff too much. Yeah so I’m here and I’m finishing and I’m almost done. And you will hear it.

So how has it been writing in New York?

I love it. Actually, I’ve been doing comedy out here. I’ve been doing stand-up comedy. I like to face my fears and I’m really scared of stand-up comedy so, here we go.

“Love Yourz”

Written by Calvin Price

Published by CritaCal Productions, Reign Forever Group Inc.

Recorded by J. Cole

So tell me about how did you come to link up with J. Cole?

Actually my good fellow Cardiak and Illmind, they produced this as well and we got the good music going.

And how did you get your start?

Well I went to school out here in Manhattan. I was a music engineer. I did that, interned for a second, did a couple of engineering jobs and I just kept working on music, so I went from an engineer to a producer.

How does one make that transition? 

You’ve just got to keep working. That’s it. Keep working. You’ve gotta be ready for the door to close on you and others to open.

And where are you based now?

New Jersey, Willingboro.

Anything else coming up that you’re excited about?

Working on new Sevyn Streeter and Dave East music.

How was collaborating with them?

Oh it was pretty cool. They’re talented so it’s always good working with talented people who are doing real good for themselves.

“Grass Ain’t Greener”

Written by Nikhil Seetharam

Published by Kromatik, Sony ATV Sounds,

Recorded by Chris Brown

And tell me a little bit out how that song came about.

Well I’d been working with a few of his songwriters for, I guess, maybe a year and half or so. I think with someone like Chris, he records a lot of music so that was actually one of the songs that he had recorded but honestly, I just sent that beat over to him and his team and Chrishan and Lyrica Anderson wrote the song with him. And they kind of just put it together and they just let me know, “Hey we have a couple of songs right now in the pipeline. This one is gonna come out soon.” I was like, “Fantastic.” To me personally, I really liked the song. The beat is a little old, actually. It’s a few years older so I’m glad that it finally got to see the light of day. Officially it came out in June of last year. It was released online a little bit earlier than that but then it officially was released to radio in June of last year. So apparently “Grass Ain’t Greener” is the first single from his album, but I have no idea when his album’s coming out. So you just never know what’s gonna happen, right?

Are you still based in Toronto?

I am. I go solely in between LA and Toronto. But I like to do most of my work in Toronto, then go out to LA to give my music to other people. But I find myself at the most creative when I’m in Toronto, ’cause that’s my home.

Absolutely. What else do you have in the works?

It’s a little top secret. It’s more that I’m superstitious at this point. I never want to jinx anything. But of course I’m working on a lot of pop, urban music as well. Chris is of course somebody I want to keep working with as well.

And also, being part of Toronto’s scene, you also worked with Drake and Young Money years ago, but now they’re bigger than ever. Is that exciting for you?

For me to see anyone that I worked with in the past continue to blow up is an amazing thing, right? Someone that I want to keep working with … especially in the last year as well is Nicki Minaj. To me she’s one of my favorite artists, especially in that realm. And she’s grown larger than life in a way. Drake is on a different level altogether, of course. So, yeah, of course I love working with these people and any opportunity that I get to, I will.


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