Up Your Pasta Game With Aunt Jake’s “Pasta Making Lab”

I don’t know about you, but my version of pasta night is Barilla and store bought sauce – maybe some fresh parmesan on top IF I’m feeling really indulgent.

So when we were invited to take part in a pasta making lab at Aunt Jake’s restaurant in NYC, we jumped at the chance.

Getting to Aunt Jake’s is an enjoyable journey in itself. The restaurant is towards the end of Little Italy’s Mulberry Street and across from a cafe that’s actually called the “Cannoli King.” 

But don’t be fooled by its location. This bright and modern restaurant is not your old school Italian joint where the law of the land is fettuccini with Alfredo sauce. 

At Aunt Jake’s, Executive Chef Carmine Di Giovanni gives his customers a choice allowing an open menu where you can mix and match your favorite pasta with whatever sauce you want. Because its 2017 and choice is awesome.

But equally as awesome is the newly renovated kitchen on the 2nd floor that looks like a living room and doubles as the set for the restaurant’s pasta making class.

Did you know pasta starts with flour and eggs?

And apparently rosé – though its not an official ingredient.

After some kneading, rolling and cutting – with the supervision of Chef Carmine Di Giovanni – we finally had something that resembled pasta.

Want to learn the secret behind bowtie pasta?

Classes at Aunt Jake’s are available now and at just $25 per person – its the perfect idea for date night, girls night, or to show mom you’re at least trying to adult when she comes to town.

Plus you get to eat whatever you made! 

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