On The Scene: Dom Pérignon Trinity Bash Celebrates Launch of Three New Vintages

Dom Pérignon Poetry Room. Photo: Courtesy of Dom Pérignon
Dom Perignon Poetry Room. Photo: Courtesy of Dom Pérignon

Dom Pérignon launches three new vintages at Irving Plaza with an opulent atmosphere, beautiful people, and perfect drinks (with some help from Manko Paris).

Last night, Dom Pérignon poured not one but three out for NYC. The legendary Champagne house took over the famed Irving Plaza in its entirety and assembled a night of maximum joy multiplied by three: for the first time in it’s history, DP released three new offerings simultaneously: a 2009 Vintage, a 2005 Rosé and a 2000 P2. The new offerings (regarded as “#DomPérignonTrinity”) came to life in a series of multi-room experiences: individual spaces designed to accent the fantastic influences and individual qualities of each new champagne.

Hosted by chef de cave Richard Geoffroy and Vincent Chaperon, guests assembled into the main ballroom, padded with white-gloved servers offering varieties of champagne and hors d’oeuvres. Was that Pamela Love across the room? Quick, a walk to the bar, only to catch Julia Roitfeld having a toast! Settling into a tall glass of 2009, in comes Amanda Lepore and a gaggle of drag legends including Exquisite and Miss Queen Sateen dressed in exposed skin and tight black.

Turn around only to catch Fernando Garcia and Laura Kim of Oscar De La Renta chatting as the show really begins: one specifically assembled for this night by Marc Zaffuto at Manko Paris. Guinness World Record hula hooper Marawa Wamp emerged with a coy, classic look only to offer her talents flanked by two assisting maids who piled on the hula hoops. Circus artist Julie Demont worked magic on the stage and on a high-up hoop with a Marilyn Manson track booming in the speakers. Jean-Biche offered “Bionic Obsession”, a selfie stick video recorded live as the crowd was truly feeling the moment.

Guests settled into an evening of partying for partying’s sake: endless Dom Pérignon Trinity champagne helped air kisses and polite handshaking give way to more passionate dancing and merrymaking (and surely a few more shattered glasses). Deeper into the night, the affair morphed into an early Pride event: A blast of multi-colored confetti and a projection of rainbows and disco lights shifted the party into overdrive. The music was a celebratory mix of tribal house, latin, even some deep disco cuts as the confetti drifted to the floor and guests reveled in the joy … A party for the ages…

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