The Nolcha Lounge Inspires Fashionistas during NYFW

Showing off Virginia Stone at the Nolcha Lounge at NYFW. Photo credit: Lauren Goldenberg

Fashionistas, bloggers and influencers all descended on New York for NYFW this year and the Nolcha Lounge was a must see among the glamorous set.

Held at the Bryant Park Hotel Terrace, the event previewed Spring/Summer 2018 collections from 8 independent accessories and beauty brands, which showcased everything from scarves, jewelry, handbags, unique shoes, and hair and makeup brands.

SHOLDIT is the go-to brand for innovative, stylish travel scarfs with a secret pouch for carrying valuables like an iPhone and keys without lugging around an extra bag. Perfect for an early morning run on a chilly day.

SHOLDIT scarves at the Nolcha Lounge at NYFW. Photo credit: Lauren Goldenberg

TRADE by Gina La Morte was another popular stop with the influencers, who loved the idea of pairing fashion with ethical causes. A portion of all proceeds go toward organizations and initiatives that combat human trafficking and enslavement, a cause Gina is personally involved with.

Shoe lovers who love to put their best foot forward were wowed by fashion footwear brands Neubyrne and All Black. Stylish and chic, Neubyrne offers stunningly unique designs to make any #ootd really pop and All Black had equally cute shoes.

Ecru New York was on the scene to treat guests to pampering and touch-ups in between shows.

Neubyrne shoes at the Nolcha Lounge at NYFW. Photo credit: Lauren Goldenberg

Virginia Stone’s brand of luxury skincare drew all guests over with its nearly nude (but covered in body makeup) trio of models, showing off the skincare line.

And Cheryl Eve Acosta gave guests a look at their bling and some inspiration for adding some glam to their style.

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