Monopoly Celebrates World Monopoly Day With Ford And Polaroid

A new game is out and we are so excited to play!

Happy World Monopoly Day!  That’s right, today, Saturday, March 19 is World Monopoly Day.  Monopoly has been celebrating 81  years of success of bringing a lot of laughs and a lot of fun to families all around the world.  And to celebrate this amazing day, Ford Motor Company hosted a Mustang Monopoly Game Night where guests could try out the newest edition of the Monopoly game, Monopoly Empire.  This game night was located at The Skylark where not only could guests play this incredibly fun game, but also enjoy the amazing backdrop of the NYC skyline.  What was even cooler was how the new Monopoly Empire Game featured the iconic Ford Mustang as one of its game pieces.  The Ford Mustang has always been so iconic in pop culture and to see it now in one of the world’s most beloved board games is something special.  And at this event, you could take some great pictures with the Polaroid Snap camera while enjoying some great food and drinks which made the night even cooler.


Monopoly 1And in case you were wondering about the new Monopoly Empire game, we have the details for it.  This game revolves around the idea of owning everything.  You choose a token and move around the board to buy and sell some of the world’s top brands.  These brands include: Nickelodeon, Puma, Ford, Polaroid, and many, many more.  And unlike the original Monopoly game that focused on bankrupting the other players, Monopoly Empire is all about buying everything on the board in order to be the first player to fill up their Monopoly Empire tower.  Whoever gets there first wins the game.  And each game would take around 30 minutes to an hour which is a huge deal considering a regular monopoly game would usually last up to three hours to finish.  But this game still will unleash everyone’s competitive side. A new set of cards called the Super Empire Cards allow players to mess up their opponents and turn the game upside down with moves like “Hands Off!” and “You’re Fired!”

Monopoly 4

And if you’re looking to celebrate World Monopoly Day, several global events have been set up so that way you can partake in the festivities.  At the Universal Orlando’s Mardi Gras parade, you can enjoy a special Monopoly themed VIP experience.  You can also go to Universal Studios Singapore and join Mr. Monopoly in their attempt to break the World Record for the most people playing a Monopoly game in a single venue.  Fans can also dress up as the iconic Mr. Monopoly at the Patras Carnival in Greece.  And if you can’t go to Greece then you can also meet Mr. Monopoly at Ocean Park in Hong Kong, China.  Feel free to send a happy birthday message to Monopoly too on social media using the top hat emoji and using the #Monopoly.


The MONOPOLY EMPIRE Game includes one game board, four towers, six brand tokens, 30 billboard tiles, six office tiles, 14 Chance cards, 4 Empire cards (including 2 Super Empire cards), one money pack, and two dice. Available at most major retailers nationwide and

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