Gioli & Assia Talk New Album And Collaborative Process

Gioli & Assia’s new album, ‘Istantanee’ is now available.

Giolì & Assia just released debut album Istantanee via their own label Diesis Records. The duo, composed of two Italian Tech/Techno DJs, started working together in April 2016. Their album Istantanee contains 10 amazing tracks, each on wants to tell a different story, as a Polaroid immortalizes a particular moment of life. All tracks are unique, with lots of news sounds. Mixing classical music with indie/pop and electro these tracks are united in an unmistakable style.

The Knockturnal: How did you guys first meet? 

Gioli & Assia: We met on Facebook, after few comments on some posts we started talking and we never stopped. Our passions and life goals were so similar so basically we found each other! After some months we started working together also, we made our first trip and for three years now we had so many amazing experiences together that our bond became very special and strong.

The Knockturnal: How long have you been working on your latest album?

Gioli & Assia: Almost 4 months, even if few songs were already released, we were working on the album project.

The Knockturnal: What is your collaborative process like?

Gioli & Assia: When we’re in the studio we’re quite volcanic together! Sometimes we start from the lyrics melodies or sometimes from new sounds, it depends. Depending on how much we’re inspired, we can start a new track and finish it within the same day. We are complementary, Giorgia plays every instruments and I’m more on the melodic part. Being in the studio producing is one of the thing we love most.

The Knockturnal: Obviously every song is your baby, but what was one highlight to create on the album?

Gioli & Assia: One of the things that convinced us to create an album was the desire to create a real product that could have been complete. A much more competitive and full live project, with live instruments and singing. In addition, our fans loved our first single together so we decided to create a product that would reflect us and the music we love to create.

The Knockturnal: What are your hopes for your record label?

Gioli & Assia: We have many projects for Diesis Records. Many new artists will be released during this summer and we are happy to receive also lot of demos. One of our hope is to reach more audience possible, even for the artists we will release, of course we’re working to build a power brand on it and do a Diesis Records showcase one day and many other things.

The Knockturnal: Are you touring?

Gioli & Assia: Yes, we’re planning our summer tour, we started it this April in Madrid with SuperMartXè and we’ll be also in some great festivals, in Hungary and the “Sea You festival” in Germany with many good names as Nina Kraviz, Adam Bayer, Ofenbach and so on. We’ll announce some news soon!

The Knockturnal: Final message for your fans?

Gioli & Assia: Keep listening to our music, sending us your messages and supporting us! You are our power and what make us believing it.

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