Exclusive: Cast Talks ‘Dog Days’ At LA Premiere

A pet is defined as a domestic animal acquired specifically for companionship, or pleasure.

Pets have been known to cure depression and loneliness. Although there are many animals that can be had as a pet, the two that are the most popular are dogs and cats. The two are so distinct in nature that typically, you have a preference. A personal favorite for me is dogs. There is just something so incredibly nice about dogs that cannot be found anywhere else. On Sunday, August 5, at the Atrium in the Westfield Mall, we celebrated just that- the unmistakably kind, loving and furry friends that are dogs. The Knockturnal was on the scene for the premiere of new film, Dog Days, and was able to speak to some of the cast. The film stars Finn Wolfhard, Vanessa Hudgens, Nina Dobrev and more!

The Knockturnal: For starters, let’s settle the debate. Dogs or cats?

Ken Marino: I love all animals. I grew up with both. Dogs? How could you not love dogs. Cats? I know people that are very against them, and then there are like die-hard cat people. I think cats are awesome, I love that they are independent and do their own thing. But if you wanna snuggle with someone, chances are a dog will come towards you.

Elizabeth Phoenix Caro: Dogs!

Rob Corddry: Cats! I know it’s not selling the movie, but cats. First of all my two daughters and my wife are allergic to everything. So if a pet was forced upon us, I would choose a cat because there is no work involved.You just gotta clean their garbage out of the litter box and then they’re like “ok, you did your job. I’ll cuddle with you every once in a while”.

Michael Cassidy: Dogs. For sure dogs.

Tone Bell: I love love love how cats act. I love the smooth coolness of it like they kinda don’t care. But I love the compassion of dogs, people can talk to dogs. So I think dogs. A dog that has the energy of a cat.

Finn Wolfhard: Dogs! But I love cats too, I have a cat at home.

Dr. Evan Antin: I think a good cat is really hard to beat. They are so self-sufficient, they groom themselves. They are easy. By a good cat, I mean one that is social and likes attention. But I can’t choose, my dog would kill me.

The Knockturnal: Now, would you rather have a dog with the personality of a cat or a cat with the personality of a dog?

Ken Marino: Cat with a personality of a dog. I’d love to snuggle with those furry creatures.

Elizabeth Phoenix Caro: I would choose a dog that acted like a cat!

Rob Corddry: Oh! Wait ask that again, that was amazing! I would choose a dog with the personality of a cat. All I care about is the personality. And dogs are easier to cuddle with because there is more of them. And I love dogs- but if they had the personality of a cat, meaning they didn’t give a crap about me, I’m all in.

Michael Cassidy: That is a great question! I’d like to see a cat with a dog personality because I don’t believe that it actually exists I have to say. Only old dogs have cat personalities. I’ve been around a puppy for the last year and she does not have a cat personality.

Tone Bell: Definitely a dog with the personality of a cat.

Finn Wolfhard: Oh that’d be awesome! Cat personality of a dog. Like a fluffy little cat but super playful! Because I mean, most cats are just not cool, you know?

Dr. Evan Antin: Cat with a personality of a dog. To me, that’s a good cat because it’s social and friendly and wants your attention and to be with you. Not your classic cat personality that wants to hide.

The Knockturnal: At the top of your head, what are the first three famous dogs that come to your head?

Ken Marino: Well, okay, Hooch! You got Hooch. There’s Snoopy, of course. And it’s not the most famous dog, but it’s a dog I like. It’s an old dog named Sounder.

Tone Bell: Aw man! Oh shoot! Oh okay, uh Baxter, uh Blues Clues, and Clifford! Jesus *laughs*

Michael Cassidy: Old Yeller, Lassie, and Airbud!

Finn Wolfhard: Lassie, the Bud-Light dog (Spuds MacKenzie), and dang this is a hard one! Um. Oh Brian! From Family Guy.

The Knockturnal: What is your favorite thing about dogs?

Rob Corddry: The same reason I like to be a father! It’s coming home, and every day I come home from work and my two kids run up and yell “Daddy!” Dogs do that too. And it’s a really wonderful feeling. I can’t think of a better reason to have a pet than to be welcomed home.

Finn Wolfhard: Their natural ability to connect with humans is pretty cool.


Dog Days is out in theaters everywhere this Friday, August 10!

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