St. George Spirits Celebrates Their 40th Anniversary With A Cocktail Party

Celebrating 40 years with a cocktail party at a fabulous speakeasy

St. George Spirits is a brand that has perfected the craft of spirit making over the years, producing a wide range of spirits including vodka, whiskey, gin, brandy, absinthe and more.  And during the month of June, St. George Spirits was happy to celebrate its 40th anniversary with a chic cocktail happy hour at The Lab located within Patent Pending.  The night featured specialty cocktails highlighting some of the St. George products available.  The first drink was a wonderful fruity and spiced drink called the Mr. Muir which was made with St. George Terrior, spiced pear, lemon, and Douglas fir.  This drink was nice and sweet while also featuring a bit of spice that resembled cinnamon from the pear.  The drink was paired with a Douglas fir garnish which added a wonderful pine fragrance to the drink.  The second drink was called the Radio Waves and was made with St. George Chile Vodka, Madagascar vanilla. Gold Agricole rhum, and lime.  This deink was light and crisp and featured a budding heat from the chile vodka which is perfect for those that like a bit of a kick in their drink.  The third cocktail was a simple highball for those that enjoy a classic cocktail.  Titled the Electric Highball, this refreshing and light drink was made with St. George Baller, seltzer, and lemon oils which makes it something that anyone can make at home.  The fourth drink was called Into The Realm and featured St. George Shochu, blood orange cordial, and a negroni blend.  This was definitely more on the stiffer side of drinks and is perfect for those that prefer negronis and old fashioned drinks when out at a bar.


The versatility of all these cocktails shows how many quality products St. George offers which is why it has been in business for 40 years.  Each spirit has its own unique flavors and are all incredibly smooth and delicious which makes St. George Spirits the perfect base for any cocktail you might want to make.   To find out more about St. George Spirits, you can go to their website here.

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