Ilegal Mezcal Hosts The Annual Celebrating YOU Event At Ilegal HQ

Sipping mezcal and supporting a great cause

A few weeks ago, Ilegal Mezcal hosted their annual Celebrating YOU event at the Ilegal Mezcal HQ and Gallery.  The event is thrown to support wayOUT, a non-profit focused on empowering gender expansive youth by investing in community centers.  At the event, guests could sip (or take shots) of some of the Ilegal Mezcal expressions that they sell.  Each expression has a very nuanced flavor to it while still maintaining the beautiful smokiness that you can expect from mezcal.  It was definitely fun to try the spirit alone and understand the different ingredients and flavors that go into Ilegal Mezcal.

The event also featured a gallery from Kadar Small called “P.D.A – The Black Queer Love Experience.”  Photo portraits were hung all around the space and featured beautiful pieces that highlight Black Queer Love.  Each portraits showcased a moment of intimacy and vulnerability and highlighted the softness of Black Queer people in love.  10% of each photo print sold also went to wayOUT.

The Celebrating YOU event also had a silent auction where attendees could win a variety of interesting items too.  And to top the event off, Ilegal Mezcal brought in a tattoo artist where guests can get a cute Ilegal Mezcal themed tattoo of their choosing from a flash sheet.

And what is an event without an afterparty to it.  Guests were able to go to the Pencil Factory, located a block away from Ilegal HQ to keep the drinks flowing and enjoy some fun music at the bar.  The Pencil Factory had some specialty cocktails prepared for Celebrating YOU.




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