How Brittany Lo’s Beia Encourages Skincare for Your Love Life Amid Launch of Body & Intimacy Serum

Beia is bringing sexy back to the bedroom and beyond.

Founder Brittany Lo exclusively spoke with The Knockturnal about what drives the beloved business. Especially now more than ever, businesses need to de-stigmatize female pleasure. The brand’s newest product, Body & Intimacy Serum, introduces a new kind of pleasure derived from sustainable ingredients like Squalane, Coconut, and Aloe Vera to rejuvenate skin.

Below, founder Lo gives us the lowdown on why Beia is ahead of the curve.

The Knockturnal: What led you to create this brand?

Brittany Lo: Beia was founded in June 2021 and the word stems from the Mandarin (Chinese) word “bao bei” meaning precious treasure. Beia is all about taking time for me-moments and finding these precious treasures of time throughout the day for yourself. I grew up fascinated by my mother’s makeup bag and wrote in my second grade journal that I would one day have a beauty line, but the idea specifically for Beia’s big vision of serious skin for your personal pleasure came from my dating experiences and having intimate conversations with countless women who were taking their next step in their relationships (marriage) through my other company Beautini and learning about their pain points when it comes to beauty.

My first company Beautini, a wedding hair and makeup business, organically turned into a built-in market research platform with my clients and gained insights into their personal lives. For starters, a large group of women, due to blemishes or other skin concerns in their nether regions, were extremely self-conscious during sex. Additionally, more than that, they weren’t orgasming. Uncovering this was a turning point—a moment where I committed to empowering women with the tools they need to discover personal pleasure in all the right ways. Because when you stop listening to the noise and start doing what feels best for your body, you’ll begin to feel truly confident.

Beia is serious skincare for the bedroom and beyond. This is SO much bigger than sex. It’s about feeling your best before, during, and after the big event.

What is your bestseller? 

It was actually incredibly important to me to launch Beia with one single hero product. Quality is a top focus for us so I wanted to make sure we invested all of our time and research into making one incredible product rather than a handful of average products. By launching with one SKU, we were able to learn more about who our consumer really is and what they really want and need from us to then develop our future products. I hosted focus groups with many of our Beautini brides which led us to creating our Daily Hydrating & Setting Mist as our first product. They wanted a product that would ensure their makeup lasted all day, but also gave them a morning after glow too!

Who is your customer? 

Our customers are between the ages of 25-45 who value taking care of themselves and invest in products that help them do so! At heart, she knows she’s a badass babe who deserves it all. However, all too often, that sentiment gets lost in the shuffle of everyday life. She needs help cutting through the noise of work, social demands, family and beyond so she can focus on what’s more precious than anything else: herself.

She won’t necessarily go out of her way for personal pleasure, but she’s certainly open to the idea of it. When the girls come calling for a spa weekend, she thinks it sounds ahhh-mazing. She’ll sign up for a fitness class for the workout, but really enjoy the release it provides. When it comes to intimacy, you won’t ever catch her walking into a raunchy sex shop—but if an opportunity for intimacy comes to her, she’ll totally embrace it.

Once she gets into the groove of  feeling and looking her best,  she’ll start experiencing a way more fulfilling life.

Where do you see the brand in 5 years? 

We are expanding into the sexual wellness space. Currently there is a lot of shame and guilt associated with women when it comes to sexual wellness. I want women to feel empowered to own their sexuality and make personal decisions that they feel good about without worrying about societal norms or expectations for women! With Beia we want to introduce products that address intimate concerns in a very sophisticated way where eventually women will proudly display their lube or sexual wellness products on their nightstand rather than hide it deep within a sock drawer. When you feel your best, you experience true inner confidence that radiates from the inside out and I’m determined to help women achieve that radiance through Beia!

Why was creating a clean beauty brand important for you? 

Growing up I would react to different products and ingredients pretty easily so I wanted to create products where you didn’t have to choose between what’s good for your skin vs what works best. Consumers are now more educated on what they put in their bodies from a food standpoint and I believe this is expanding into beauty more and more. Our customers deserve the best so I want to create products that make them feel good and are really good for them too!

Tell us about the self-love vs. guilt concept behind the brand. What does that motto personally mean for you? 

One of the big factors in me creating Beia was experience all the societal taboo around sex. As. a society we have been programmed to feel guilty experiencing pleasure or try to never talk about sex in everyday conversations because we feel awkward or uncomfortable discussing that topic. In reality, our physical beauty, mental health and sexual wellbeing all tie into our beauty and wellbeing and it’s important we see this is a version of self love and not to be ashamed of pleasure.

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